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Updated on June 16, 2010
K.H. asks from Humble, TX
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What do you do with your kids during the day? I have a two and a half year old and a three month old. I'm already getting bored doing the same things day after day. My little one takes 4 naps a day and my older one just takes an afternoon nap. I need something to do with her while he's sleeping that will be fun but not incredibly noisy. We play outside some, but it's getting so hot! I'm feeling like a lousy mom.

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for all the great ideas! Just so you all know, I don't try to keep the house silent while my little one sleeps, but my daughter tends to get REALLY loud when she's excited. She does like to be a helper so maybe I can do more household chores with her. Once the library opens back up we'll go back to storytime too. For now we have lots of new fun activities thanks to you ladies.

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answers from Kansas City on

My daughter is two and half also and I just started teaching her card games. We've only played Crazy 8s and Go fish, but she has a really fun time! You have to have more patience than normal b/c they really don't get it at first, but even after just a few times, she's really catchting on! I'm going to start introducing her to board games soon too I think. We also like puzzles and she LOVES to help me bake.

My boy is 8 months so I can relate totally. Although I'm not necessarily advocating this, I did sometimes throw his nap schedule to the wind (which I NEVER would have done with my daughter) so that I could take her to a play date, activity, whatever, b/c I just couldn't take it anymore! I'd say a few times a week we stay home for his napping and a couple days we go out and he either naps on the go or sleeps when we come home. It was a very hard adjustment for me to go back to the multiple naps and much more needy schedule. Once I tried to compromise both their schedules I felt a lot happier, and that's half the battle! ;)

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answers from Houston on

Go to a teacher work store and pick up activity books for her age. They have a lot of educational and fun activities.

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answers from Albuquerque on

-playdough (there are a lot of fun recipes online for making playdough)
-finger paint (finger paint on wax paper and hang it on windows)
-water table
-making a fun snack (ants on a log, or google zafronk recipes)
-fruit loop/ cheerio necklaces
-save paper towle rolls and make rainsticks (beans inside w/ foil on ends) and telescopes
-make puppets from a kit, popcicle sticks or lunch bags

I like to go to Michael's or Hobby lobby by myself and just roam the isles. I get lots of neat cheap things to add to our craft box and lots of neat ideas. At 2 1/2 just getting to stick random things on a piece of construction paper is great fun!

Just remember, time with you is the most important thing.

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answers from Chicago on

Give yourself a break K.. Your their mom, not the hired help/entertainment, lol. Kids are very simple, they don't mind redundancy. As long as your older daughter is happy that's all that matters. I would do some outside play like you said with maybe bubbles, chalk, small baby pool, sand, play-doh, short park trips...Maybe see if there is a mom's meet-up group in your area if you are into that sorta thing. Library story time. Lots of walks. Movies when it is just too hot =) My lil girl (3.5) could spend hours playing pretend with barbies/my little ponies and that sort of thing. I would just keep it simple--you are spending the time with her and that is what matters. Personally I think little kids are way over-scheduled these days. Whatever happened to just playing pretend, lol!

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answers from Kansas City on

Hey K.,

When my kiddo was that age, she LOVED to play in the sink. We had a sturdy stepstool, and she would get her big plastic tea set and "dishes" and would wash away. (Keep a towel on the floor, it can get messy)

There is actually a book called "Games to play with two year olds". You may want to check with your library to see if they have it.

I agree with Anne A about kids being overscheduled and allowing time to just "play". It's good for your daughter to learn to entertain herself. You've really gotten some good ideas here - I hope you have fun with some of them! Have a great summer!

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answers from Dallas on

Are you sure you're not R. in Rockwall?? lol. I can so relate...2.5 year old and 3 month old...can't go anywhere due to baby's naps, too hot to play in the backyard. My only suggestion is get the dvd We Are The Laurie Berkner Band. My daughter loves it, it's basically a concert for toddlers but you can interact, like chase her around the living room when they play I'm Gonna Get You. My child thinks it's great fun and hey, gotta get that baby weight off somehow!
I'll be reading your responses for tips. Thanks for posting this question.

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answers from Columbus on

What about going to library while both kids are up and then while baby is sleeping you have "new" books to read. Also it gets you out of the house a bit too.

My kids are 3 and 4 so also the do "indoor activities" and keep them involved with learning chores and things I hand wash our dishes for the day and they help me rinse bubbles off and then dry them. It only takes us like 15 mins but they think they are "cool" for helping out and plus it is always fun to play in the bubbles.

Also, on laundry day they LOVE to help stip the sheets. Again only takes 5 mins but they have a blast.

Other indoor activites include thinking of "I spy" things for when we go on walks later in the day and also just doing pretend play with eachother (and most days me too).

Good luck and enjoy the time!

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answers from Houston on

Will your 3m old nap in the stroller or car so you can get out of the house more? Perhaps move her to 2 longer naps rather than 4 short ones. Find a library story time/craft/play group, MeetUp groups for stay at home moms... look up crafts and water play, mini science experiments online, books, puzzles, parks, baby pool, water w/ paint brushes on concrete, paint, color, food coloring w/shaving cream....



answers from Detroit on

Mine are 18 months apart and I have been there.. it is tough in the beginning..

I joined playgroups.. we have them through several school districts. so we got up and out and doing things on a regular schedule.. I just couldnt stay home all day... we went to the library for story time.. we found a couple of indoor play areas. (I found it easier to manage 2 very young kids indoors where they couldnt escape..)

we read played playdoh, did coloring.. my older child liked to play she entertained herself.

Now mine are 3 and 4 1/2 and they just play togeterh and there is not much for me to do..



answers from Odessa on

Things that build the imagination are great fun. Puzzles are a favorite for my little grandchildren 2-1/2 and 3. They never tire of doing it over and over. I sit in the recliner and they'll play with the same puzzle doing it and saying, "Ta-Da" each time they finish. They enjoy blocks and anything you can build or stack. Before you discard the boxes (cereal, small and of varying sizes) cover them with wrapping paper (that is a craft) or construction paper or even just plain butcher paper. They can draw or color on them to personalize them. Then let them stack away. The boxes are light weight when empty and can't hurt anything. Whatever you've got space for let them go for it. They like to build bridges or just stack them to see how tall they can and knock them over - on and on. Explore preparation of new meals, etc. There are lots of things children can do to help and they love it. Enjoy your time together and know that the very fact that you're opting to spend valuable time with your little ones makes you an amazing mom.



answers from Austin on

Being a stay-at-home mom can have its challenges but your desire to be home with them immediately takes you out of the category of "lousy."

When you are outside in the heat, put on bathing suits and play with water. Sprinklers, hoses, kiddie pools, etc. There are some cool sprinklers out there. I had a neighbor once whose son was fascinated with sprinklers so I know you can just attach them to a hose and enjoy. My daughter had so much fun with a large paint brush and a bucket of water, especially when we "painted" each other.

I googled "indoor toddler activities" and this is the first website that popped up. Sounds like fun!



answers from San Antonio on

Join a local play group. You will get out and be able to socialize with other moms. Just google it and you will find a bunch. Just pick one that suites your likes.



answers from Houston on

build a blanket fort and tell stories
read books together
let her help you bake something.
blow bubbles
wash the car. kids love getting wet and being helpful.
practice somersaults



answers from Gainesville on

Are you able to get out of the house? Storytime at the library, toddler gymnastics at the Y, join a moms group in your area. The calendar for our moms group is filled! Lots of things to choose from and do. Most cost nothing. And you and your little ones will make new friends and find out tons of things to do in your area.

Things to do at home are craft projects that are age appropriate (you can find tons on-line), reading, coloring, blocks, have her help around the house with you (my almost 2 year old *loves* to be my helper).



answers from Miami on

Hi K. H, You have received great ideas already, so I will just add a few to the pot:

-- can you buy an indoor tunnel
-- can you take cardboard and blankets and make an indoor playhouse for stuffed animals and your child (kids love small spaces). We did one between a sofa and his old playpen (which serves as a toy chest :))
-- puzzles
-- empty water bottles and simple household items -- alone or for arts and crafts. we draw on boxes, put together toilet paper rolls to make long light sticks.
-- is there a park that has shade??? Can you do a picnic there under the tree during a late afternoon nap for your infant????




answers from Houston on

Look for a MOMS Club, group of stay at home moms, in your area. When you are able to get out of the house, a group like this can help you so much!



answers from Beaumont on

Boy, I remember those days. You feel tied to home cause it's just easier! :)
Library story time is a good option for one day a week. It included songs and afterward we went to the park next door and played in the water sprinklers. "Cooking" simple things (i.e. jello, pudding etc.) or we would walk the mall somedays including eating lunch there. Just remember simple is better but I would try to get some routine to it just to relieve everyones boredom. Good luck.



answers from College Station on

Doing the same thing day in and day out is comforting to your 2yo. They thrive under the structure. Is there a gym or bounce place you can take her? Children's museum? Play group? Look into one at your church. That will get you both out of the house and her some interaction with other kids.

I would try to get the 3mo to take 3 naps, but I know that is easier said than done.



answers from Killeen on

- Make/buy flash cards with simple pictures, colors, letters, etc. (or what I used to do was make a matching game, like 2 A cards, 2 B cards and 2 C cards and just put them all face-up and have my kids match them. then I would add more sets once they knew them really well)
- Mega blocks (the big legos) are great for 2 yr olds. my kids are 6 and 4 and still play with them
- toys like the Little People sets are great for developing imagination in toddlers and preschoolers. and best of all, if baby brother gets a hold of them, they are big enough so he won't choke on them =)
- blowing bubbles is always fun, especially while taking a bubble bath =) I used to clean the sink and toilet while my kids were taking their bath, or I'd catch up on my reading (sitting in the bathroom, of course)
- read, read, read!!! especially board books with ABCs, numbers, animals, etc.
- let her "help" you with housework. little ones love to feel grown up and it will teach her great motor skills. let her fold washcloths, match socks, help you put laundry in the washer or dryer, sort silverware, put away dishes like tupperware containers, buy her a toy vacuum so she can vacuum with you, let her help you clean by giving her a washcloth to dust with (or in the bathroom or kitchen, a washcloth wet with water)
- now would be a great time to start potty-training (if you haven't already)
- buy some coloring books with simple pictures and color with her (coloring is relaxing for us moms, too!)
- last, but not least, don't worry if she's "too loud" while baby is sleeping! it's better if she IS loud b/c then baby gets used to sleeping through noise and will sleep more soundly for you later =)



answers from Austin on

It's a tough stage with a toddler and a newborn. I only stayed at home for 2 of my sons 3 naps and pushed him more than I did my older daughter on naps b/c I got cabin fever and so did my daughter... but you can draw, do any kind of art, finger paints, stickers, read read read some more, find good short videos. My daughter loves cooking with me, cleaning with me, etc. Montessori principles helped us a lot when my son was small. We also run out for music class, the library, lunch dates, the park whatever we can squeeze in before or after or during naps and invite friends over for playdates during times of the day that work. This time of a year, sprinklers or small pools or spray bottles with water are fun too. Good luck!



answers from Houston on

My kids are 1.5 and just turned 3, they are on the same nap schedule now but when my younger one was smaller she napped while I wore her in my baby carrier, and I took my toddler out to parks, the museum, the mall, library, play dates, we even went to the pool some, etc. At home we color, playdoh, kiddy pool, walks, play with toys, read, side walk chalk, they love to be pushed in push toys outside, sand box, water table, we look for bugs, play with our dogs. I do agree with another poster that being too quiet during the baby's nap will just make it harder down the road. Have a great summer

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