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Updated on January 03, 2008
L.H. asks from Huxley, IA
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My husband is a stay at home Dad. I am having difficulty finding a support system for my husband. We've done a couple of online searches and we just haven't found anything that is geared towards him. Even the Parents and Parenting magazines are geared towards Moms and he likes to read the articles about the kids but the rest of the articles are about fashion and makeup and there really aren't articles for men. Are any of you married to stay at home Dads or know stay at home Dads? If you do, could you ask them what kind of parenting media sources they read and how do they form a support system with other stay at home Dads. Thank you- Merry Christmas.

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Thank you for all of the suggestions. My husband is really enjoying the websites- especially the "Joprah" one. He is also looking at more podcasts. Great ideas everyone!

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answers from Waterloo on

I know there are a lot of podcasts that are geared towards dads- a few from sahds themselves. If you have itunes, just search for them under podcasts. Also, maybe some interesting blogs? I know it's always nice to hear from others with 1st hand experience especially without any local contacts. Good luck with the search.

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answers from Omaha on

There is a group of dads in omaha and licoln that get together and does playdates and a once a month dads night out I believe there web site is I haven't talked to them but I have checked out their web site. My husband is a little shy so he hasn't checked them out or done a playdate with them yet. I hope he will try after the holidays though. Good luck, I know finding anything that supports stay at home dads is rough.



answers from Iowa City on

My husband stays at home. Unfortunately, we do not have a support system or see any media geared toward dads. It is frustrating. I think we should start one!



answers from Milwaukee on

Newsweek just profiled a blog called joeprah ( written by a SAHD. [He named his site that because he wants to be the oprah for guys :) ] His site is sometimes funny, sometimes a little out there. Maybe it's a guy thing. Anyway, the writer (Joe) might have resources he can recommend if your hubby writes to him.
Also, if you're in Racine, WI area there's a Racine Family Club ( that hosts activities throughout the year. I think there's a $40/yr fee. No idea if they have SAHD stuff or not, but you could check...



answers from Grand Forks on

Hi L.:
This may sound a little odd but what kind of business is your hubby starting? Maybe he could look into publishing his own magazine geard towards stay at home dads? Probably a little too much work and money involved in doing something like that but hey if you have the money and resources, why not? Option B? Maybe he could start his own online dad group? These are just some suggestions, of course he is probably too busy during the day around the house for this stuff, but if he has the time then why not? Good Luck and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



answers from Milwaukee on

My husband is also a stay at home dad and I am finding the same problem. Also, I am looking for a group for them to join with other dads and children. If you find anything, please let us know. My daughter is going on 10 months and although I am glad my husband gets to stay home, I feel bad that they get bored and could use some other friends in the same situation. I have been married for about 2 years but we have been together for 8 years. If you are near the Racine area, let me we can stay connected.



answers from Grand Rapids on

Hi L.,

Do you live in the Muskegon, Fruitport, Grand Haven or Spring Lake area? I belong to an awesome Stay at Home Moms club. We have one stay at home dad in our club so far. We would love to have more dads join us. Check out our website,

I also know that there is a stay at home dads club in Grand Rapids. Good luck!




answers from Salt Lake City on

Media wise you might want to check out a magazine called Wondertime. It is more adult than family fun (and I believe from the same editors or something like that) they have articles about how your child grows as well as fun things to do with them. They have had several articles which include the important roles that dad's have and gear their articles to both parents. You can also check them out at Good Luck!



answers from Des Moines on

Check out He might find something on there!



answers from Davenport on

We have a SAHD friend and he has told us his biggest problem is having playdates. Moms are hesitant to hang out with him and the kids - for fear of impressions or what DH might think, or even possibly for safety. When we first met them, we scheduled family playdates so my husband could get to know him also (and so I could get to know his wife) and we've become good friends as a result. We have SAHM/SAHD playdates without concern.

With respect to media, I'm not sure what he reads - I'll have to ask. I know that Family Fun is a good magazine and it isn't a girly-frilly. I'll report back with more details when I talk to him after the holidays!

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