Stains on Clothes

Updated on August 03, 2010
M.B. asks from Easton, PA
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Hello, my name is M. and I have been experiencing stains on our clothes. They show up alot on t-shirts. They look like wet stains or grease stains. I was always wondering what this was from because it has ruined a lot of our clothes. I have seen a lot of answers to this question. I have tried using differently detergent and differenty drier sheets. I have had a new washer and new dryer. No luck. I am wondering it it could be hard water stains.

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answers from Boise on

I also get this with different soaps, washers, etc. It hasn't ruined anything yet though. Just put some shout on it and run it through again.

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answers from Columbus on

Do you start the water and put the detergant in before putting your clothes in the washer? If not, That could be the issue. I forgot to put the detergant in once and poured it over my clothes before they were all wet and I had marks on them like that.

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answers from Columbus on

I was at first thinking it could be your washer b/c mine was doing this. There is a seal in the agitator that was loose and was sending oil into the washer. My only other thought could be is your dryer may need cleaned? Maybe you have some gunk stuck on the sides or something and when it heats up oozes on the clothes? IDK for sure?

Good LUck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We had the exact same problem and narrowed it down to dryer sheets of any kind/brand. We got the dryer balls instead and all 'spots/stains/etc' are gone for good.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Not sure what is causing the stains but for that type of stain I work Goop (found in the automotive section of the store) into the stain and let it sit a little bit before washing. It can take a few treatments but typically comes out.



answers from Minneapolis on

if it's grease stains, look in the Rit Dye display for Super Stain Remover. It's fantastic.

I use it on fresh marks or ones I find when I'm folding the clothes after they've gone through the dryer. I spot treat and then put it back into the hamper. Once they go through the wash again, the stains are gone. One bottle lasts me for years. If you can't find it in the stores, amazon sells it.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Might be the dryer sheets. I never use them because it is just putting grease and dirt back on your clothes. Give your dryer a good cleaning out, and they try a couple loads with out dryer sheets. See if that helps.

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