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Updated on November 24, 2010
J.B. asks from Benicia, CA
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Okay, not sure if anyone else has this problem, but ever since my husband and I have lived together, when I wash clothes, my nice clothes end up with these bluish purplish stains on them after I wash. It rarely seems to happen to the my shirts that I don't really care. I quit washing my clothes with my husbands clothes and will wash towels or whites after washing his before washing mine. If anyone has had a similar problem did you find a solution?????

The washer I have you put the liquid detergent into it's own spot, not in the washer itself. My husband doesn't touch it. He's also always working on cars so I wonder if even though I do a wash in between, the oil just sits in the washer... if that's the case I don't know how to fix that either...

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So What Happened?

Thanks guys!! I will try some of those suggestions..... my washer is only about 3 years old and it's the HE side opening ones.

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Lots of good suggestions. Try Shout Color Catchers. It will work if it is a dye, but I don't know about anything else.
Good luck!

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I just answered you but I dont think it went through. The rubber seals in some machines react with fabric softeners and soaps. Stupid I know... Run a wet wipe around all the edges, up underneath the agitator and around the top of the tub where you think your clothes dont even touch. You will find a gray sludge. this is whats staining your clothes. keep this area wiped clean and it will stop.

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I had a similar problem when I used to go to laundromats, but it was bleach stains on my clothes when I never used bleach. I guess the stuff can get left behind in the washer. I'd suggest wiping it out between loads, or maybe running an empty wash/rinse cycle between loads?



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How old is your washer? Could be that it is leaking oil from the transmission. This happened to both mine and my friends washer. If it is older then 8 to 10 years you will need to replace it because the cost of repair is more then it is worth. The oil seems to stick to some types of materials more then others so that may be why you see it on yours and not his.


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that sounds like it is him pouring the liquid wash on the clothes after they are in the wash ? I think you are to put it in the water, mix it and then add the clothes. He may be pouring it after the clothes are in there.

On a side note, a tip for getting a stain out that has been dryed in the clothes is liquid dish soap. A very little amount working in the stain. Be careful though, it could bleach the item if you use too much.



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Try a different brand of soap. I had the same problem with blueish stains on my husband's nice polo shirts until I quit using blue detergent. We now use Method laundry detergent and I haven't seen any more spots.



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its probably the detergent- washer is not dispensing it properly - or the sludge like the one poster said. Also the other day I caught my boyfriend putting detergent in the fabric softener dispensing part of the washer - this will release soap during the rinse/spin cycle rather than during the wash so it might just stay in the clothes and stain them. . . this isn't the case is it?



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This happens to me every now and then as well. It's so annoying. We do put the liquid detergent in the compartment that is provided on the machine, so I don't think that's the problem. I wonder if adding Oxi-Clean to our laundry is causing some of the stains.

Generally speaking, the way I try to avoid this issue is by washing our clothes inside out.

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