Stains - Lawrenceville,GA

Updated on May 02, 2012
M.B. asks from Lawrenceville, GA
4 answers

How do I get milk stains out of a white knit top?

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answers from Dallas on

Interesting that 3 people said shout....I use spray and wash with resolve, its in the green bottle. LOVE IT. Works on everything.


answers from Dallas on

We've had good luck with the Shout Stick. It has worked better for us than the liquid kind.


answers from Jacksonville on

I use Shout for everything.



answers from Sacramento on

I love my Spray N Wash, the one you can spray on the stain and let set for a few days. Another alternative would be to use a cheap shampoo. my 92 year old Yiayia (grandmother) told me this secret along time ago and it has helped with many stains! I usually pick up a bottle of thecheapest one I can find! Good luck to you!

Opps....meant SHOUT! What was I thinking saying Spray N Wash, I must be tired! lol

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