Stainless Steel Water Bottles...To Freeze or Not to Freeze

Updated on August 17, 2009
J.A. asks from Jacksonville, FL
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I recently bought two stainless steel water bottles, trying to be a bit kinder to the environment and my wallet. Inside the box it said "freezing not recommended". I looked all over the internet trying to find out why and got no answers, some sites said it will cause the bottle to break at the seam (I can't find any seams on my bottles), one site from a mom said you can fill half way and freeze, another said NO NO NO. I am lost. If anyone has an answer out there I would really appreciate it. With our plastic bottles I usually freeze all but one when we are going out for the day (zoo, beach, etc...).

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Do not freeze them or, yes, they will burst. I have a few bottles from the Sigg line. Go on their website and it will tell you why you should not freeze them. It's I also saw them at Target. What I do is I put the bottles in the refrigerator, but with nothing in them so the aluminum is cold. Look under the questions section on



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we have the stainless steel ones that have a liner in them, like a core, thermos makes great ones. Because there are two layers, it stays REALLY cold or warm for hours. Literally I can fill one with ice, poor water over it and put it in my hot Florida car and 2 days later there is still an ice cube or at least very cold water. They are totally worth the money. The kids ones are adorable and come with straws and are virtually leak proof. We tossed all sippy cups and sports bottles in exchange for these cups. In this heat, we need cold water with us always,



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Stainless steel can rust....even though it is stainless steel it can still rust. When I had my ice cream business and had to take the classes to get my food license they gave us a reason why you couldn't freeze stainless steel but I can't remember now what it was. I am thinking it probably gives of toxins. I would not freeze it....Honestly most of your plastic bottles also tell you not to freeze them because of toxic gasses that go into the liquid. But my Mom always used milk jugs and froze our drinks to take to the fields in them and we survived. Use your own judgement. But the stainless steel will rust.



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We do the same thing with plastic water bottles before heading out somewhere too and as we have, I'm sure you have seen how it changes the shape of the bottle, even if only half full. It would probably bow out and/or weaken the bottle.

I recommend filling your stainless bottle with crushed ice and some water and buying one of those insulated sleeves that slides over and keeps things cooler, longer. I know Sigg sells them.



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I would check with the manufacturer, if that is at all possible for you. I cannot imagine why there would be a problem, but you never know.

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