Stainless Steel Sucks!!!

Updated on September 02, 2011
L.C. asks from Chicago, IL
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I decided to go with all stainless steel when we remodeled our kitchen. I am so regretting it now! I feel like i can never get it clean! I have tried every stainless steel cleaner out there. Magic eraser. all of it. I go in the direction of the grain and still you can see everything streak and area i cleaned.

What works for you?

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answers from Washington DC on

Try Affresh Stainless Steel Cleaner.
Stops streaks. Keeps it clean even after you touch it.
Stuff is awesome!!

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answers from Sacramento on

We also switched recently and I HATE stainless! The second I clean it, the kids touch it and it's a mess again. White was so much better.

The Method stainless steel cleaner works the best for us in removing everything without streaking. Found it at Target. But it definitely doesn't prevent marks. To do that, I'd have to go back to white!

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answers from Seattle on

I clean with dish soap and water, then rinse and polish with safflower oil. It takes the marks and streaks out.

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answers from Seattle on

Bon Ami

The powder. You wipe it on (using a sponge and water, in a circular pattern), then rinse it off (big wet sponge), then use a dry bartowel to dry it and it will shine shine shine.

It's why my grandmother used on her entire stainless kitchen for 50 years. It's what I've used in restaurants.

Myself, I just use windex and papertowels on mine, because I don't care that much / like handprints from kids :) But whenever we have a party I spend $2 on a container of Bon Ami and spend 5 minutes getting everything glowing. It really doesn't take long.

((DO NOT NOT NOT use Comet or any other kind of abrasive cleaner. They'll ruin the finish. Bon Ami looks almost just like Comet, but it's non-abrasive. And magic with stainless steel. It will NOT streak, unless you haven't rinsed it all off))

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answers from Minneapolis on

We have stainless steel and I love it! Heres what we use. Weiman can find them at Target. Use one or two wipes and go in the direction of the grain. You'll want to make sure that the wipe is releasing enough of the cleaner. Then take a clean towel (t-shirt type material - you can get a large bag of them in the paint dept. at Home Depot) and wipe in the direction of the grain and repeat until you get a bright shine. These wipes seem to repel a lot of the marks that the kids tend to leave too.

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answers from Boston on

I hear ya! I love the look of stainless steel - when it's polished. The first time someone touches it, though... :-/. And i dont even have little ones around! The thing I have found that works really well is ZEP stainless steel cleaner. It's kind of hard to find, but I can reliably find it @ Home Depot and Lowe's. It polishes very nicely and also resists finger prints fairly well. I use it every other week or so. In between, I can just wipe it down with a dry cloth.

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answers from Washington DC on

And that's why when we were having our house built I went with BLACK appliances instead of "upgrading" to SS :) they look really nice against my cabinets AND they don't show ANYTHING :)

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answers from Kansas City on

vinegar water?? not sure, mine gets fairly clean. are you mayne cleaning to often so that there is a leftover residue? i have done that before.



answers from New York on

I agree. I don't understand what the big appeal is. Like you said it never looks clean, it costs extra. I hope you find something that works.



answers from Charlotte on



answers from St. Louis on

Use Dawn and water. Then rinse and wipe clean.



answers from Chicago on

Pledge. The regular kind. Just lay a rag on the floor in front of the appliance so your floor doesn't get slippery.


answers from Orlando on

I use pledge multi surface on mine and it works well until you touch it! Grrrrrr my granite counters are the same way. My mom told me she uses this wax stuff on hers but doest know the name and she's out of town so she will have to tell me when she gets home.



answers from Gainesville on

I have zero problems getting my SS fridge looking great after the kids running their hands all over it lol! I use a spray that I got at wal-mart-just threw it away so I don't have the name but the company makes stuff for SS, granite, leather, etc. But I'm out so I tried my Endust and it worked great too.

I think the trick is to spray, wipe with one dry cloth and rub it in, then go over it with a second dry cloth to buff. Mine always looks great when I'm done and it only takes a couple of minutes.


answers from Houston on

Bar Keepers Friend works great. You can use it on appliances, cookware etc... it's not just good for appliances, I also used it on my shower door and the soap scum/hard water stains came right off. Love that stuff. It's a powder form...I know it's at lowes and home depot but I also think walmart has it. Good luck! I love's so pretty and clean looking.

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