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Updated on April 06, 2011
D.S. asks from Miami, FL
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I own a Maytag Stainless Steel Refrigerator and it ALWAYS looks dirty. I’ve used the specialty SS cleaners, cleaners with vinegar and glass cleaners and they ALL leave streaks, even though I used them with a cotton rag so there’s no scratches.
Do any of you ladies (and some gentlemen) have tips or ways you clean your SS appliances that works? I used to have a patina finish (looks just like SS) and never had this problem but now my fridge always looks dirty (plus I have small children, so that doesn’t help either).
Thank you!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your responses, I'll try all of the suggestions and see which one works best!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have several Stainless things here. The top of my center island, refrig, microwave...hubbys workbench in garage (20 feet long), and a small bathroom counter top downstairs and several small things like lamps and things (very industrial/contemporary look here).

We buy a stainless spray cleaner at Sams Club (Sprayway is the brand..I also love their glass cleaner) and I just use Paper towels. Its sort of an oily cleaner thing tho. For the center island and bath counter I actually use Clorox wipes mostly (for the extra cleaning and I can not stand the streaks either). I don't understand why people have such issues with it! LOL

I am super anal about how they look and to have them clean, too.

Good luck.

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answers from San Antonio on

That's the reason I've vowed to never get a SS fridge/oven/dishwasher. I'm sure someone will have a good answer for you soon, but another thought would be to ask the maintenance people at the local grocery store or church. Often, they have stainless steel bathroom stalls and they look pretty darn clean! They must have a great secret up their sleeves.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I feel your pain, I have one too. The only thing that comes to mind is do you use dryer sheets when you launder your rags? If so that would leave residue.

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answers from Appleton on

My parents built their own house in the early '60's and Mom picked out stainless steel appliances. My dad was a contractor and he got built-in refrig and freezer that slid into the wall over the basement steps. For the 1963 it was really cool. However the frige and freezer were also along the walkway to the livingroom and if you touched them you left fingerprints all over the place. Glass cleaner worked but my Mom also laid down the law and NO ONE was allowed to touch any part of either but the door handles. And they were still a pain to keep clean.
Your kids are a bit young to learn that. I just wanted you to know I knew what you are going through.
When you clean the door try using a combination of a little vinegar and amonia in warm water. You can put it in a spray bottle, spray and wipe. Be sure the soft cloths you are using are clean and grease/oil free. Have you contacted the manufacturer to see if they have any helpful suggestions to keep it looking clean?



answers from Chicago on

When my in-laws were in town recently, my MIL wiped down the refrigerator with Mr. Clean and it looked great! I don't remember if she applied a small amount directly to a rag or if it was diluted. Our cleaning lady uses SS cleaner, but she comes every other week and the smudges and tape marks on the fridge were driving my MIL crazy so she was compelled to clean the fridge.



answers from Joplin on

I work as a housekeeper and many of my clients have had stainless steel appliances, the one thing that I have found that works the best is pledge multi surface everyday cleaner. You still have to make sure you have a clean rag and wipe with the "grain" of the stainless steel if it is a "brushed" stainless.
I really like the micro-fiber towels they sell now, but seriously if you have washed the towels with fabric softener it can leave residue on the rags...
Good luck! = )



answers from Sacramento on

Hope you get a good answer here. We just got our first stainless steel fridge two weeks ago and it's constantly a smudgy mess. Have tried several products with no luck. Same problem -- streaks.


answers from Dallas on

Sorry, I don't have an answer for you, but I have noticed many of the responders on this use some pretty toxic cleaners. Do your due diligence on the products before using them. Many I've seen here would not be good for you or especially your small children. I have a video I can send you about some of these cleaners if you would like that, email me.

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