Stabbing Headache Behind Eye... Migraine????

Updated on July 07, 2010
S.K. asks from Castle Rock, CO
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This is the second time that I've gotten this headache in a year and a half. I usually get a headache the week before my menstrual cycle which is when this one is happening but instead of the dull headache behind the eyes im getting a stabbing pain if I go from sitting to standing or if I yawn. It's not near as bad as my previous one but it's been going on all day today. Is this a migraine? Im not light sensitive or sound sensitive just really moody with this pain behind my eye. My dr has prescribed me a different BC pill but that doesnt start until next month. I've just never had a history of migraines and dont know if this is that or a cluster headache or just hormonal.

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So What Happened?

There is no aura or zig zags I do feel wiped out and no motivation and my attention span isn't at its prime. I do feel better today there is a dull ache in the back of my head and im exhausted. I did sleep alright though.

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Please try the chiropractor. A pinched nerve can cause migraines--in fact other than dehydration, I think everytime I do get a headache, it's from my neck being out of whack.

Best wishes and blessings

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answers from San Antonio on

My migraines feel like someone has stabbed a metal pipe through my eye and out the back of my head. When I first started getting them I thought they were sinus headaches...but they started getting worse and lasting for days usually 3. At first I didn't have nausea or visual issues...but after about 6 months I started getting "fireflies" in my vision before the headache would start. That would cue me to start taking some medication. Then some times I would have bad nausea and other times sensitivity to light or sounds. Sometimes just the headache with out either...

My doctor diagnosed me with migraines and I have medication to take if I can't get them under control with OTC medication. I start with Ibuprofen then go to Excedrin Migraine...then as a last resort end up taking the prescription as I hate the way it makes me feel all "funny". Twice I have ended up in the ER because I couldn't get the headache under control.

So it sounds like to me you might have migraines...keep a journal of when you get them...mine are always the first few days of my cycle. If they get worse or OTC meds aren't working...go see your doctor.

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It sounds like it could very well be a migraine you're experiencing; however, you should start keeping a headache diary that includes when you get a headache, the pain scale from 1 to 10, any particular changes that could have brought about the headache such as your menstrual cycle, new birth control pills, any alcoholic drinks you're not used to drinking, different foods like eating chocolate or tomatoes or etc... this is how you find your triggers. It can be hormonal but with migraines there can be more than one trigger. Your OB/GYN can change around your birth control pills to lessen the chance of having migraines associated with hormone imbalance but if there are other triggers, it isn't going to be worth a hill of beans to switch birth control pill types without finding the other triggers and removing them from your life as well.

BTW, I've had migraines for as long as I can recall, even during childhood. I can't remember NOT ever having experienced a migraine. Both my girls have migraines that began during childhood although my youngest has them more frequently, more intensive, and with more triggers than her older sister; however, they both have to be medicated for migraines though it's not as easy for my youngest because of her age. She isn't old enough to take adult migraine medication yet so we have to work extra hard on keeping the triggers out of her lifestyle and diet as well as keeping her hormonal levels as neutral as possible.

I still have migraines. They eased up shortly after I went into menopause them for some reason they came back with a vengeance. I'm fighting them just as frequently now as I was before despite taking precautions.

The best way to fight a migraine is to keep a cool washcloth over your head and/or eyes, lay down in a dark room with the blinds pulled and even covered with window-darkening blinds, no noise like tv radios or anything including telephones (cell's included)... Keep it cool, dark, and quiet until the migraine passes.

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answers from Richmond on

That sounds like my migraines... starts off with this dull, stabbing pain behind my left eye, and if I don't treat it right then and there it escalates to feeling like someone stabbing me in my eye with a red hot poker, and I feel like I've got broke glass in my head, and then I'm pretty much rendered useless. I would talk to your doctor about it, he/she may have you go to a neurologist to rule out any other possible cause, but they will be able to prescribe you migraine meds. If you get caught off guard again, BC powder usually helps fight off the migraine for a bit. Feel better! :)


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I HAVE A FEW QUESTION FOR YOU? do you feel like your have any striegth lose in your limbs or do you see little squiglies,aura or feel weak. The reason I am asking, I have a rare type of migrain and if you have any signs like these goto the doc and have him refer you to a neo doc. I have what they call Hemipalegic Mirgrains. It is NO fun if fact I just had a relaps last night.


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could be a migraine, could be a tension headache. make sure you drink PLENTY of water, i find that basically the only times i get headaches like these, is when i am dehydrated. go drink a liter of water, then in a couple hours drink another one. (make sure to eat something too so your sodium levels don't drop too dramatically) from now on, when your cycle hits this point make sure to drink plenty of water, see if that helps. i also find if there is anyway to decompress (sitting quietly for awhile in a dimly lit, quiet room) that can help too. mine are usually tension headaches, they come and go more quickly than migraines, but i also find i have more control over them - my family does get migraines and they are miserable. but with a tension headache, if i can quietly sit and consciously relax myself, head to toe, especially concentrating on relaxing the muscels in my head and face area, that helps. i have successfully warded off these evil things that way. good luck!



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I may be related to your BC pill. It doesn't sound like a migraine to me, it sounds more like a sinus thing. When I get stabbing headaches like that, I take some decongestant and it usually helps.

Good luck.

BTW - even if it is a sinus thing, it could still be hormonal.


answers from Nashville on

I can't tell you what it is, but I can tell you that it does not sound like a migraine. I have suffered from migraines since I was a child. You are usually very light sensitive with a migraine. Several times it hurt so badly that I could barely open my eyes. Also, the pain of a migraine is usually so much that you will also experience nausea. If the headache isn't completely taking over your entire body, chances are it isn't a migraine.

It could very well be hormonal though. I just got off my birth control last month and for about 8-9 days, I had that terrible headache behind my eyes, too. Even Tylenol didn't help much. I hope it gets better soon, because I know how uncomfortable it makes life!



answers from Hartford on

I get them right b4 my cycle too, that is actually how I know I am due, fun times. mine have changed over the years: first mine were light and sound now they are not. now i do get a pain in my eyes, nose, area...sounds like what you have. I cant take stuff bc i am nursing but if you are not your dr. can give you something and they work so great! right now bc I cant take them I apply heat to my head and rest as much as I could. some people swear that applying cold helps but i hate cold. good luck, feel better they are awful!



answers from Milwaukee on

Sounds like a migraine to me.