Spring Broken in Corroded Battery Well in Toy, Can I Repair It?

Updated on September 06, 2010
M.B. asks from Milwaukee, WI
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Hi everyone. I know this is a long shot, but here goes. My daughter has a wonderful piano toy that was handed down to her. It had been stored with batteries and the battery well was corroded, but once I put in all-new batteries, it worked beautifully. Now several months later the batteries ran down so I attempted to replace the batteries again and accidentally broke one of the contact springs for the battery well (it takes 3 C batteries)... I tried to reattach the spring but the spring and the area that it broke off of were very corroded. Without the spring, the well cannot contact both the + and - of the battery. Is there *any* way I can fix this, or is the toy a total loss? Many thanks for any advice you may have for me. *Peace*! :)

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answers from Phoenix on

I have the same problem with my Macharena Monkey. Would love for it to work again. I have been looking for an old toy with the same kind of battery well that is in good shape that I can replace it with. I'm hoping to cut the old wires and splice the working well on. I don't know if this will work because I haven't found an old toy to cut up. Also wouldn't do this if it were for a child who is young and might explore the "splice".

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answers from Bismarck on

I really have no idea, but I try hot glue, gorilla glue (have to be careful with it, cuz it expands--maybe squirt some on something so you can see how it works), or superglue to fix a lot of stuff. What can it hurt? Good Luck!!

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answers from Omaha on

Cleaning corrosion is easy. You can just scrape it off with a very small thin straight blade screwdriver. After I had all that I could possibly get out then I'd look to see if where the contact went it was then attachable again. Usually they are just a slide or snap in situation anymore. See if there is anything you can do. Otherwise you can solder the spring back in. But you'd have to make sure you got every little bit of acid off the metal. It is easy but you can only use but a touch of solder. You have to find the smallest gage (which is the highest number. So 20 is thick, but 28 is like string. If you can't maybe your husband can or ask around to your friends and see if anyone can for do the soldering for you. Some one who makes stained glass can solder and of course anyone who tinkers with electronics but maybe even a gear head.

Otherwise about any tv, dvd, bluray electronics in general repair shop can do it for you. I'd just call in advance and ask how much.

But someone said copper. Copper is the best conductor. See if you can find sheet copper and cut it into a square the size of the space where the previous conductor was. I've never tried that because I can solder but it makes logical sense that if it in is contact with the space where it was it will work. Rio grande jewelry making online might have thin sheets.

And maybe just putting it in place not attached and putting the battery in carefully will work. I use to do that as a child. Just then tape the batteries in place best you can so they don't move. If the battery cover holds them thight then you don't have to tape.

Well good luck. I know it's salvagable but it might be difficult.

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answers from Rapid City on

You can see if a paper clip will help with the connection, but I am not sure if you can fix it.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Maybe fill the gap with a small piece of aluminum or copper foil? Check with someone at Radio Shack or the electrical department at a home improvement store.

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answers from Erie on

tough one, i don't know of anyway to fix the spring, i was going to say that i have taken an emorey board and scraped off some corrosion from my daughters Vtech and that worked, but for the spring i can't think of anything.

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