Spring Break Vacation Ideas

Updated on January 17, 2011
J.D. asks from Allen, TX
4 answers

OK Mom's - it's getting close to that time and we didn't make plans. Any ideas on a good place to take a Spring Break vacation. We'd love a beach or even a place to go skiing. We'd like to keep it on the cheaper side. We have teens. I've tried some places using frequent flier miles but you can get out with the miles but you can't get back without using loads of them. Prices of cruises go up about 3 times more than other times. Mostly we're looking for a nice place to relax. Thanks.

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answers from Dallas on

If you aren't opposed to driving since miles are not available, I second Destin. You could drive there going two different ways, but I'd suggest the route through New Orleans. That way you could break up the trip for a night or two, and also have some fun there as well. Its about 8 hrs to New Orleans, and then another 4 to destin. Destin has amazing beaches. beatiful white sand.



answers from Houston on

Yes,cruises are a good deal on off-peak times - there is a smaller per day cost if you don't go around school schedules. For summers, spring break, etc, they will fill up. Do you want an active vaction or a quiet one? Would you be interested in Padre Island or Aransas Pass or Galveston, Tx? A beach house/condo? I Kids could take surfing lessons, and there are historic/fun places to visit. Fishing/boating/snorkeling, too. Save even more $ by sharing a place with another family and bringing your food. Eating out as a treat. If you want snow/skiiing, New Mexico is a much cheaper alternative to Colorado/Utah, with beauty/fun. Try the ski basins at Santa Fe or Albuquerque. Historical sites are here, too. The resorts at Wolf Creek near Durango is nice as well. Do the spas/hot tubs if you like. Send me a private e-mail if you need more info [email protected]____.com fun!!


answers from Dallas on

We have gone to SanDestin Fl for the last 4 years and love it.

We fly into the Ft Myers (I think that's it) and drive about an hour to SanDestin. We stay at the Hilton Golf Resort and Spa. We get the Jr deluxe suite. Daughter always has a friend with her, the area is separated and the girls have privacy. Huby and I go to the Spa/Exercise area to shower, ect each morning.

The hotel is in a gated area, very safe. We let the girls do their thing (within reason). There are a couple of places for teens only at night with DJ's, dancing, well policed for safety of the teens. The beach is very nice.

This has been our favorite place for quite some time. I don't know about condo rentals, etc. We prefer the Hilton.




answers from Charlotte on

To keep it cheap, you will have to drive. What about driving to South Padre Island? It's a 9 and a half hour drive from you, which is very doable with teens! I have small kids, so that drive wouldn't work for us. Your teens will like being at South Padre Island, and you will get to relax on a nice beach!

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