Spring Break Vacation Idea's

Updated on January 25, 2013
C.H. asks from Plano, TX
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Good afternoon all!!!! My family and I are gonig to be taking our first family "get away" vacation this Spring Break! We originally thought about San Antonio with Sea World, but have since then changed our minds and thought about a ski resort vacation!! Or something of that nature! Can anyone recommend an awesome place where you had a total blast?!? We would like to keep it around $1500-$2000 total for everything! We have thought about NM or CO but have not decided yet on what resort! We would also like to fly (from TX) and would like to find a place that will pick up/drop back off at the airport so we could avoid having to get a rental car! Thanks in advance, hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!!!

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answers from Albuquerque on

I'm not sure of the (all-inclusive) cost, but skiing in NM (and southern CO) is wonderful! My suggestions are Taos, Santa Fe, or Red River, NM and Durango or Pagosa Springs, CO. I'm not a big skier, but all of these places have lots of fun and interesting things to do (besides just skiing)!
Just a quick search pulled up: Adobe and Stars Bed and Breakfast Inn (provides transportation?) (Taos, NM) and for links to other skiing in NM: http://www.hhandr.com/destinations/santafe/skiing.php
I think a rental car may be necessary in any of these places, but you should be able to find a pretty good deal? Maybe $15-$20 a day?

I'm in the throes of planning our family vacation right now, too! We're going "home" to Mississippi for Mardi Gras!
Hope you enjoy your vacation! PM me if you'd like more information on any of these towns. (I live in NM and love playing "tour guide"!)

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answers from Honolulu on

My friends and their kids went to Yosemite. They had a great time.
A snow, vacation.

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answers from Santa Fe on

We live in New Mexico and we go skiing just about every weekend. Our 8 year old is on ski team this year so we've been traveling around a bit. I highly recommend Wolf Creek Pass in CO...they have tons of snow and the skiing is excellent there. You can rent a place in Pagosa Springs and it is about a 15-20m drive to the ski area. There is a really nice hot spring resort in Pagosa Springs too. And Wolf Creek Pass also has an amazing cross country ski area, which we love to do also. Monarch (also in CO) is also very nice...the town close to Monarch is Salida. In New Mexico we really enjoy Red River ski area. Angel Fire and Sipapu are fun also. Sipapu is very small and cute. You can drive to each of these places - none are that far from the other ones. Taos is amazing but much more expensive. The only major airport in New Mexico is in Albuquerque. This means you have a big drive to almost any ski area. I would go to Colorado instead. My #1 recommendation is Wolf Creek Pass.

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answers from Dallas on

We are a beach vacationing family so I can't help with ski resort and your location.

However, we LOVE Plano because we have great access to 2 great airports!.

We have used Allen Limo for transportation services to and from the airport and it is great. They usually bring a town car and only bring a limo if you request and pay for it.

Right now, the going rate to or from the airport is about $100 each way, including tip. Great service as well!!

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answers from San Francisco on

I hate to be a downer, but I'm not sure you can do a ski vacation with that budget. Lift tickets are expensive, and unless you have or can borrow all the gear and winter wear, rental costs rachet up before you even get to airfare. I'd research what all that would cost first -- check a rental plas like Christies Sports on CO to get an idea.

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