Spring Break Ideas with a 6-Year-old and a 8-Month-old

Updated on November 01, 2010
S.W. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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We are looking for a fun place to spend Spring Break with our 2 kids, one is 6 and the other will be 8 months. We are not quite ready for Disney, our 6-year-old is hesitatant to go because of the dressed-up characters. We have been looking at the Nickelodeon resort in FL and also ClubMed Sandpiper Resort in FL, but doesn't seem like much kid stuff. I would really appreciate any thoughts or ideas any of you have. I really want to plan a fun vacation, but I'm at a loss this year.

Thanks in advance.

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If you go to San Antonio, try Hyatt's Wild Oak Ranch. It's perfect for kids - lots of pools, water slides, crafts, nightly s'mores, etc. It's right across the street from SeaWorld.

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Try Ocean Walk Resort (Wyndham) in Daytona Beach, Fl. It's great for families! The condos face the beach and pool area. You walk down to either. They have a water slide, two pools, indoor pools, a lazy river and a gated kiddie pool area, mini golf, arcade, and is right next to the Board Walk so you can go shopping, eat, or go on rides. Our kids love it! Their websiteis www.OceanWalk.com



answers from Chicago on

If your looking in the florida area when my boys were small we used to go to Naples every year. There was a little zoo/park there called Jungle Larrys zoological park. they had a little boat ride, a little train ride and shows every hour with elephants, big cats (lions, tigers) , monkey show , reptile show and birds show. my kids were at the time 4, 5 and my daughter was 10 all of them loved it. we bought a year pass as it was only like $25 more to make it a year family pass. we got it in July so it was good till we went on vacation the next year which we planned in June deliberately to use the pass again. there are great beaches there and just a half hour away is fort meyers which has thomas edisons winter home. we had a blast every summer going to Naples. some fun stuff and just some laid back time also.



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Hawaii.. You could rent a condo.. that is a walk from the beach.. the kids and adults love the pool.. We had a blast in Maui.. Cooked meals in the condo alot.. swam alot.. Had a floaty suit for the little ones.. Went to an awesome aquarime.. Very relaxing vacation :)



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Don't know how far you were planning to travel, but Legoland in Carlsbad Cali is GREAT. Lots to see and do, and the rides aren't scary. My sister took my son there when he was 4, and it was a huge hit. And if you are staying for a few days there is the beach right close to keep you busy for free on the days you aren't at Legoland. There is also lots to drive around and see in San Diego. Look up Balboa Park online and there is a list of museums and events (many events are free and museums should be reasonable).



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Might be more simple to go to Sea World in San Antonio, or even Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. Save the bigger trip for a year or two down the road. Also (this isn't enough for a full week, but could be a fun weekend trip some other time), you might check out Glen Rose, TX. They have Dino World, Dinosaur State Park, and Fossil Rim. You can fill up two days for sure. I've heard you can have a fun 2 day trip to Tyler as well with their zoo, wildlife drive-thru park, indoor water park.



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At that age I think kids are way more quantity over quality. Like you could go to an aquarium or seaworld and it would be the same to your child. But if you go to an aquarium 1 day you will also have the time and money to go to a zoo and a museum and one of those indoor play places like bonkers. Hope this helps some



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What about Legoland?

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