Sprain or Not?

Updated on June 02, 2014
T.B. asks from Lockport, NY
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My son seemed to have hurt his foot on the trampoline today at first he would take a few steps then itd just fold in he did that a couple times but never cried of pain well when it first happened he did but not at all after that he can walk on it now but for some reason hes walking with that foot pointed to the side idk if its sprained or not he can handle pain well even tho hes only a year an ten months old hes a tough guy I plan on taking him to the doctors tomorrow was looking for opinions could this be a sprain even tho he shows no sign of pain but walks with it sideways? And yes everyone I let my toddler play on our trampoline that has a net around it do you know what we did I sat on it with all my kids amd we rolled a ball back n fourth wasnt nothing to insane it actually just happened when he stood up to walk over and get off with me .

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answers from Des Moines on

It could be sprained....or broken. Only a dr and an xray will tell. You are right to take him to the doctor.

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answers from Richland on

You let a toddler jump on a trampoline? Not even two? I could play Where's Waldo with what could be going on, get him to the emergency room!

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answers from Jacksonville on

Dr and xrays. Trampolines are notorious ER visit causes. For good reason.

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answers from Dallas on

I walked around on what I thought was a sprained foot for three months. I was walking in a sidewalk and rolled my ankle...a little, hardly at all. I didn't even fall or misstep. It didn't swell or hurt too bad in the beginning. I FINALLY went in after three months and I had a sprained ankle, a sprained foot and I had fractured three bones in my foot. I walked around on it because it didn't hurt "That bad". Wound up causing more damage and spending months in a boot and physical therapy. Get your kiddo in to the doctor. Hopefully it's nothing, but get it checked out ASAP in case it's something

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answers from Dallas on

Take him to the Dr. You would feel more guilty if you allowed a break to heal incorrectly.

Little kids break bones easily.

I walked around with a "sprain" that was a broken bone and I am paying dearly for that right now... ankle surgical procedures, wearing a boot or brace almost daily for a year.

Get him to the Dr to check it out and don't self diagnose

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Please google children and trampolines. I was so surprised at the hundreds of thousands of kids that are seriously injured when playing on a trampoline at home.

The ones with nets actually cause more injuries and damage. Google it. Really.

The American Pediatric organization wants them banned from being used at home. Some home insurance companies won't even insure a home that has one on the property.

Some kids have even died from being on a trampline. One story that really effected me was a mom standing right there by her son while he was jumping. He bounced wrong and she heard his neck snap. She hears that sound to this day.

I took ours down. It was just too much for me to handle.

I know, I know I'm one of "those" mom's that find the negative in everything. BUT if my child got hurt on one and I knew how dangerous they were going in then who could I blame if the kids got hurt. Me. So I took it down.

I think your little guy might need to go get X-rays instead of going to the pediatrician. If they don't have an X-ray machine you're just going to have to go to the hospital radiology anyway. Call the doc first thing in the morning if you don't want to call the on-call doc for their practice. I'd probably have taken kiddo in to get it looked at. At the very least you'd know if he's walking on a crack or torn muscle or a slight stretched tendon.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

The only way to know for sure is to have it xrayed.

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answers from Washington DC on

no way we can diagnose this.
and no way i would NOT take him to the doctor right away. he may be the toughest little guy on earth, but if he's folding up or turning the foot to an unnatural angle just to walk, i sure as hell would not be letting it go just because he's not crying constantly.

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answers from Portland on

I took a bad fall in my early 20's that did a number on my right foot. I left it untreated because I couldn't afford a doctor visit. It didn't heal well, and has always given me trouble. Now that I'm in my 60's, I have seriously painful foot, ankle, knee and hip problems on that side – a podiatrist tells me that the damage caused a change in my gait, which has gradually caused the other problems. He believes he sees evidence of an old broken bone.

I'd definitely have a podiatrist look at that foot. Toddlers' bones are still soft, and can break pretty easily. Fortunately, they also heal quickly, but you want to be sure that if there's a break, it is properly supported so it can heal straight.

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answers from Portland on

The way you described this happening seems like a safe situation to me. Yes, trampolines can be dangerous when not used properly. Your son wasn't bouncing. However was anyone else bouncing? Also consider that the surface is not stable which makes it more difficult to keep one's balance. If anyone besides your son was walking then the surface is even less stable.

Since he's not feeling pain and is not favoring that ankle I suggest that he's not seriously injured his ankle. He may be feeling some discomfort that is causing him to walk differently. Still it's good to have him checked by his pediatrician.

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