Spotting and Prometrium in Early Pregnancy

Updated on June 02, 2007
J.M. asks from Mason, MI
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I'm 8 weeks pregnant and started spotting a few days ago. My pregesterone is low so I was put on prometrium. My ultra sound showed me at 6 weeks, and my hcg levels are not as high as they should be or rising quite as fast as they should be. I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there who had this happen and still have a healthy preganancy. My ob's nurse says it can still turn around.

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So What Happened?

Thank you to all that shared their stories and encouragement. Unfortuneatly the promitruim was not enough or this pregnancy was just not meant to be.

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answers from Detroit on

Dear Jackie

Last Year I also had spotting from 4-11 week period. I had bed rest but could stand and do the activities. Later it was OK. I had a baby in Feb.I donot know about prometrium. Talk to your doctor. Reduce the activities as much as possible.Best wishes to you. We prayed each day. Thanks to almighty for blessing us a beautiful daughter.
C. Sengupta



answers from Detroit on

My experience was not exactly like yours...I had two early miscarriages. one at 6 weeks - pregnancy confirmed at the dr. with blood work, and a second miscarriage just days after the home pregnancy test was positive.

So I went to the dr. to find out why.. They did the HSG dye test- where they inject dye into your uterus to look for blockages. Tehy didnt find any problems.. So the dr. prescribed prmetrium pills to help maintain the uterine lining. He told me to start taking teh prometrium on cycle day 20 and then come into the office on day 28 for a pregnancy test. The very first month I was pregnant. I continued on the prometrium from cycle day 20 until week 11 or 12 when the placenta takes over making progesterone... Until th placenta is fully functional- the progersterone is supposed to come from your ovaries.

The progesterone made me extremely tired. It was like taking a sleeping pill. I was supposed to take 400 mg a day- 2 pills in the am and 2 in the pm.. I never took more than 2 a day- I cant say if the pills worked or not- but my daughter was born on her due date (exactly 40 weeks) she weighed 7 pounds and was perfectly healthy. Maybe she was meant to be here and I didnt need the pills at all.

I have not seen any problems in her that is related to the progesterone. she has met all milestones and seems to be very smart. Prometrium is a natural hormone product..



answers from Saginaw on

We used progesterone suppositories with my first born who is now two, we had no problems with that pregnancy and that was after 6 1/2 years of infertility and 2 m/c's. The progesterone (or in your case "brand name" prometrium is used to support pregnancies where the progesterone levels in the mothers are too low to support the pregnancy. You will usually take it until the placenta is completely formed (end of first trimester) and the baby can support itself with the placenta and not your hormone levels. This pregnancy around my progesterone levels were normal but they still gave me the suppositories. Either way-they won't hurt you or the baby as they are a natural hormone.
Hopefully what you are experiencing is just a phase of this particular pregnancy. Make sure you keep up with your pills, and try to get as much rest/fluids as you can. Take your prenates and folic acid and don't be doing anything too strenuous until you are over this hump.
I know it's hard not to worry-keep us posted with a followup.



answers from Detroit on

I was put on a progesterone vaginal insert, my son never measured to be what my weeks were, I did not gain adequate weight and out of all this a healthy 5 lb 8 oz baby was born. It was a difficult pregnancy with plenty of doctors appointments but he is healthy as the rest of my children and has caught up to and passed the kids in age group. Just keep your faith that everything will be fine.



answers from Detroit on

Not to scare you, but just to tell ya what happen to me.....
My first pregnancy,i had low progesterone.they put me on proetruim.but i lost that baby! I also had low rpogesrone and some bleeding with my daughter & son, but on the protreuim again. I had 2 healthy babies. It was very scary!!!going threw that 3 times, is one reason we are not having anymore babies. Pray, rest and take your meds! Everything else is in gods hands!good luck to you!



answers from Benton Harbor on

Hi Jackie, sorry I am a little late on responding to this, but I wanted to let you know that I am on my second pregnancy & with both I have been on prometrium. Before my first daughter was born, I had a miscarriage & they found that my progesterone was low. I then got pregnant & had an excellent pregnancy & healthy baby girl. This time around when I found out I was pregnant, they tested me right away & it wasn't terribly low, but not where I should be, so I took prometrium again. I am in my 24 week & still feeling great!! Another baby girl come September!! Good luck & be glad you are taking the medication, it will only help you & your baby!!

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