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Updated on February 19, 2011
K.B. asks from New Braunfels, TX
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Ok moms I need a little advice and reassurance. My DH and I have decided to try for baby number 2. We tried for the first time after my period last month. It is still a bit early for me to take a test and I am supposed to start my next period around the 23rd of this month. I started spotting yesterday. I know that this can happen and that it is normal ( did not have this with our son), I think it is a bit heavy but it does not feel like my period. I always have bad cramps with my period and don't have any with this spotting. I guess I just want to know how heavy is normal and how long can this last? Should I call my Dr, even though I have not taken a test yet? The only other "'symptom" of pregnancy I have had the past couple weeks has been that I am very, very tired, this is the same way I felt when I was pregnant with our son. Thanks ladies.

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So What Happened?

Well I think is probably my period, but I will also test after the day I was supposed to start just to be sure. It is lighter and still no cramping so we'll see. I just didn't expirence this with my first pregnancy so this was uncharted territory. Thanks to you both.

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I am sorry but sounds like your period :( Wait this next week and if you hit the 23rd and still nothing then test. I am pretty regular myself and know what to expect...I am over 5 days late this cycle for some reason...Took a test to be sure..nope not preggie just off a bit. This could be happening to you to. We women can be off a bit from time to time.

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I'm currently 34 weeks, and had what I thought was a period very close too or soon after conception. I had called my DR in June because I had what I thought was 2 periods that month. The nurse said probably no big deal maybe just some hormones fluctuating. Then about a month later I thought it was odd that I missed a period and bingo I was pregnant. So it's still a possibility.

Also I know of some women who have what seems like a period for several months, but are pregnant.

So hopefully you are, but if not I'm sure it will happen soon! Good luck!

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Could be implantation bleeding. I had it with my daughter and just thought i was having 2 periods in one month. I did have to were a pad and it lasted for about 4 to 5 days. Now with this pregnancy im currently 10 weeks the day i came back from the doctors to have my blood drawn to see if i was pregnant when i wiped i had a little pink spot of blood on my toilet paper and i thought heres my period and the doctors called me that day and said yes you are pregnant.Then for a couple days i would have just brown spotting only when i wiped. month before this i had a miscarriage and concieved immediatly after i stopped bleeding so i was kinda scared when i seen that spot of blood and brown discharge since thats how my miscarriage started out. But this is def. a healthy baby this time. So it could very well be implantation bleeding. I would still try and go ahead and take a test i found out i was pregnant with a home pregnancy test around 3 weeks.

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