Spot on Husband's Nose

Updated on June 14, 2011
D.F. asks from Rochester, MI
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Hello Everyone,

Not a worry wort - ok - maybe I hubby, about a couplle weeks ago, asked if I noticed anything on his nose. I said no, well, now that's all I notice now. It's just below the surface and it's about the size of a pencil eraser. It's black. He NEVER wears sunscreen (which drives me crazy) and getting him to go to the Doctor for a spot on his nose is not going to happen but I just want to know what you all think it might be. It's not raised, it's literally like a smug that won't come off. The fact that he pointed it out to me means he's worried.


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Run, don't walk, to a dermatologist's office. If this spot is a melanoma (a dark-colored, usually flat, skin cancer), it is extremely dangerous, but can be eliminated if caught at the earliest stage.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of melanomas, including links to other, less dangerous, skin cancers:

Wishing you the best.

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The rule of thumb for skin cancer is this:
A - Asymmetry. If it is not round, that is a concern
B - Border. If the border is uneven, that is a concern
C - Color. If it changes in color or has several colors across the spot, that is a concern
D - Diameter. If it's bigger than a pencil eraser, that is a concern

Any one of these 4 can be problematic. More than 1 warning factor, get to a dermatologist ASAP. He needs to start wearing sunscreen. I make my husband use face lotion that has SPF 15; I figure it's better than nothing. The face gets the most sun, and just because you don't sunburn doesn't mean you won't get skin cancer. Get him to a dermatologist.

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Tell him to get his butt (and nose) to the doctor. Skin cancer is deadly, but if caught early it is highly curable.

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So from the time he asked about it till the that is all your seeing it has grown correct.He needs to see a Dermotogist anything that is small & rapidly grows needs to be biopsied.Good Luck

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he needs to go to a Doctor, I know that getting them there can be hard but sudden dark patches on the face need to be looked at Melanoma is nothing to toy around with if it is below the skin with smudged edges have it looked at immediately

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He should see a doctor about this. My friend had this on her nose and it was cancer which she was able to take care of easily. (It was not a melanoma)

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my husband just turnred 25 and has had 3 separate procedures to remove Melanoma spots, and has to use a chemo-cream every day. His "spots" sound just like your husbands', and I would really encourage you to get him into a dermatologist. My husband's uncle died from skin cancer at the age of 56, it's not something to take lightly.

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If he wont call, YOU call and make the appointment for him at a dermatologist. Just tell him you wont have him "not going when it could be a matter of life and death" .
Several months ago my husband came to me and asked if I thought he had a lump on his ear. I looked and coulnt see anything, but you could feel a slight bump when you ran your finger around the top edge. I went to the phone book and wrote the number down for a dematologist Ive been to and told him to call that day from work, or dont come home. He called and had an appointment 2 days later. It was the very start of pre-cancer and they took it off right then. It had a tiny dip in the ear for a few weeks and now you cant tell it was ever done. But now he has a follow up in 6 months to check other stuff just in case. For a guy who wont wear sunscreen and golfs 4 times a week, blond, fair skinned, its a good thing to be checked out now. Hes 63 and Im amazed it hadnt happend before.

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He needs to get to a Dermatologist.

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If you can't get him to the doctor, take a picture and show it to the doctor and ask for advice. Maybe if a doctor sees it and says he needs to get it checked out, he will listen. I wouldn't take no for an answer on this one. Men can be tough about going to the doctor. If all of the medical information doesn't get to him, then remind him of the pinch on his wallet if he lets it go and then ends up needing some kind of serious treatment later.
This kind of thing is nothing to play around with. I say whatever it takes to get him is what I would do.
Hope it all turns out okay.

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answers from New York on

Skin Cancer ABCDs:

A for asymmetry; One half is different than the other half.
B for border: The edges are notched, uneven, or blurred.
C for color: The color is uneven. Shades of brown, tan,
and black are present.
D for diameter: Diameter is greater than 6 millimeters.



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I would say give him a pat on the back for being the exception to the rule (guys never want to go to the doctor). And get him to the doctor. A dermatologist. It sounds like he should've worn the sunscreen. Don't let the eraser get to dime size.



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Ask him if he wants to have half a nose! A customer where I used to work literally had the top of the nostril on the one side completely removed because of skin cancer. It's hard to describe but looked pretty awful and very scary to think about but the doctor had to remove all that to get rid of the cancer.

Get his tush to the derm pronto! I go to Lifetime Dermatology in Troy if you need a good one!



answers from Chicago on

i know someone that had the exact same thing and did nothing. he's got a skin cancer that's not aggressive but has to have layers of skin taken off. my dad had this done too and he's fine now. but don't wait.

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