Sports Teams for 4 Year Old Boy?

Updated on May 08, 2007
S.H. asks from Kaysville, UT
4 answers

Hey moms! I've been searching the web for some kind of sports activities for my 4 year old to participate in the summer while schools out, but most of them are over, are only 4 days long, or require him to be gone all day everyday! I was wondering if anyone knew of a weekly or bi-weekly program that would allow him to socialize and have fun, like soccer or t-ball. I tried looking on Allen city's website, but didn't really find much information. If anyone could point me in the rigth direction, I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance.

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PBA in Plano has Tball for 4 year olds.
You practice one day during the week and then play every Saturday.
I think registration ends April 14th.




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Apparently, I don't know how to edit responses on this! I replied earlier giving you the Allen Sports Assoc. website - not sure if you saw it because I deleted it when I edited the msg. Anyway, it's It will give you all the sports details (registrations, etc.) for baseball & soccer. Our baseball sign-ups ended in Feb. and they are practicing and about to start the season. If you can't find a team, maybe you could try a local YMCA (?) Not sure what they offer. Good luck!

my edit was: p.s. Welcome to Texas!


Ok, edit one more time: here's another link for Collin County sports. Maybe there's something else on it.



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Hi S., WELCOME TO TEXAS! PSA is a wonderful non-competitive sports organization that we are involved with right now doing t-ball with our four year old son. I don't know if registration has closed but you can hop on their website and see! We have been very pleased with how they run their show! The city of Plano may have more to offer as far as Summer activities and many churches will be having registration for VBS coming up pretty soon as well. I hope y'all are settling in and meeting your neighbors. Many Blessings, J.

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