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Updated on June 20, 2011
J.S. asks from Green Cove Springs, FL
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The year we lost my grandfather, I moved to St. Louis. A couple weeks before Christmas I was watching TV and this commercial came on. Five grandkids running around the Christmas tree with the grandparents watching and smiling. We had five grandkids in my family, and it hit home. It made me so sad to think that this would be the first Christmas where we wouldn't be seeing grandpa's smiling face. Not two seconds after the commercial ended one of my musical snowglobes started to play. That thing hadn't been wound up for three years or better. No one was near it, it played long enough for my husband to come out of the room he was in and hear it. We just stared at each other, then I totally freaked out and did what any normal person would do. I called my mom. :) I know it was my grandad, but that didn't make it any less spooky. Ironically it was a wolf snowglobe and it played Born Free, how fitting. Has anyone else ever had something like this happen?

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answers from New York on

My grandad always used to give us $1 for the ice cream man when I was younger. (Me and my 2 brothers). Shortly after he died, my brother was gardening with my grandmom when the ice cream man came by down the street. Just then, my brother saw three $1 bills in the dirt where he had been gardening. We all knew it was my grandpa giving us money for the ice cream as usual :)

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answers from Tulsa on

Not quite the same situation, but when I was younger, I would see a shadow of a woman on my ceiling. We had a hall light and the shadow would be if the woman was standing at my door. It wasn't the shadow of my mother and if I would ever look at the door, no one would be there. I'd look back at ceiling and the shadow would be gone. After a few minutes it would return. That's the only thing I've had happen to me.

My boss once told me that when she was having a C-section with her first child, she said the room started to fill with the smell of the cologne her granddad used to wear. Before he had died, he had told her he would be with her when she gave birth. She said it really calmed her down and he kept his promise!

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answers from Sacramento on

my grandmother died with myself, my mother, my aunt, and my cousin in the room with her. she had always had a bit of a split personality - one vicious person and one sweet one - so when she died my aunt said to her "if you go to heaven send us a rainbow so we'll know" and I said "better make that two, one for each of you." after we had cleaned her up and changed her and gotten her ready for the funeral home to come get her my aunt went outside for some fresh air. she came running back in crying and made us all come outside. up in the sky there were two rainbows.

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answers from Charlotte on


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answers from Sioux City on

I have so many spooky stories that I wouldn't even know where to start. From seeing one friend that died the month before outside my apartment when I lived at home yet in high school staring in at me while I stared back, to hearing things in my house where I live now that can't be explained, to seeing doors in my house move for no reason, (also same house now in) and having dreams about people that have already died....The last there were only two and they were my uncle and a friend/past co-worker.

I'd have to the most recent thing would be the dream I had last night about the friend/past co-worker from last night. I didn't even get informed that he past away until it was too late to send his family a card or anything. (couldn't of went to funeral-too far away and too expensive at time since he had moved before his death.) I say him at a grocery store that would of been similar to where we would of worked at but not the same and he was telling something to the effect of sorry he was gone and so on. I was the only one who could see or hear him. I would like to think this was his goodbye to him. The dream about my uncle was also a goodbye and I had it months after his death.
Most of the weird things didn't start happening in our home until my uncles death so I think it's him saying "Hey, I'm here!"
Sorry if this post is all over the place. I am just wowed by the spooky things i guess. Although I have to admit, it does freak me out sometimes!

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answers from Orlando on

My grandmother passed away a few weeks ago. I got the call around 10:00 at night. I guess I was in shock. I kept saying to my husband "why am I not crying". Just then my 4 year old came down the hall. He'd been asleep for 2 hours. He put his arms out and reached for me. He just said "mommy.". I picked him up and realized he was still asleep. He's NEVER done anything like that before. I think it was her giving me a hug and letting me know that she was ok.

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answers from Tampa on

My grandpa died when I was 3 and my mom said that when they were leaving the hospital that the song "Bridge Over Troubled Water" played on the radio. For some reason it was very calming to her and she felt a sign that everything was going to be ok. Now in my family whenever someone in the family passes away we always hear that song on the radio somewhere as if telling us everything is going to be ok.

Another story is my grandmother had a charm bracelet with individual charms representing all grandkids. When she passed away each grandchild was given their charm to keep. My brother put his on a necklace. He was out in public using a restroom when the clasp on the necklace broke and it fell in the toilet while he was flushing it and thought he lost it forever. A couple of years later he was at his girlfriends parents house and went to use their bathroom. When he looked down, there was his necklace with the charm still on it. He and the girlfriend are now married.

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answers from Houston on

yes, the day my husbands parents died we were driving home a different way we normally take, there was a coffin display inside a dark funeral home we passed, two out of the 20 of the coffins were open and there was a creepy blue light set inside the 2 open ones. I commented how bizarre it was. 30 minutes later we got the call from the police.

My next one is not so creepy but my best friends first and only son was born within the same hour my dad died.

My mom died in 1989, that year she had planted lily bulbs, i looked forward to them blooming after she died , but they never did. I bought the house i grew up in in 2008 when i was pregnant that year the lilys bloomed on easter week. Guess what the name was that i had picked out already for my baby?...one guess, lol



answers from Orlando on

My favorite relative, my great Aunt Rubye, died just days before her 100th birthday, and also very soon before we found out we were pregnant with our son, in 1990. When he was about 18 mos, he was sitting in his highchair, me feeding him, and he was looking over my shoulder, and suddenly started moving his little hand as if he was "petting" something, vertically, from top, to bottom. I asked him what he was doing, and he just said, still looking over my shoulder, "Such long pretty hair...so pretty, so white." And I asked him "what?" He said, "Aunt Rubye...." So here's the weird part. Aside from the obvious fact that he had never met her, she ALWAYS had her hair in braids, on top of her head, Heidi-style. Yes there was a picture of her in the house and I had told him who she was, but how could a young child have a concept of what braids would look like down?? (I have very short brown hair.) The real kicker? We would only find out some years later that he is very hard of hearing, and his type of hearing loss can only be attributed to genetics. Aunt Rubye was deaf since about the age of 6, which is when his hearing loss became severe. How's that for a story? I am fascinated by everyone's stories, by the way, keep 'em coming. I am ABSOLUTELY, 100% convinced that he saw Aunt Rubye. No question!


answers from Dallas on

I hope more people answer because I just love to hear these stories. I have never experienced this but I do believe God "speaks" to us in many different ways.



answers from Daytona Beach on

I used to see a lady in my hallway in my moms house. she wore a peach colored gown and wore her hair in a chignon. she had brown hair. the gown buttoned up to her throat. and once i had a man standing in the mirror behind me. he had dark grey hair, blue eyes, and was wearing either a naval uniform or a pilot uniform. one time i was walking across the dining room and the decorative leaves that she had on her walls flew off and across the room at me. the didn't just fall straight to the ground, they flew across the room. my husband actually saw that, and it freaked him out because he doesn't believe in "spooks". i had a dream one night and i heard a mans voice say "you are now pregnant" and then i told my husband. he just looked at me funny. a week later, i took a test and i was pregnant. my aunt, after my grandfather died, kept finding nickels in the weirdest places. sometimes they would even be standing upright. when my grandfather first met my grandmother, he flipped her a nickel and told her to call him when she grew up :).... we have all sorts of crazy things happen in my family.



answers from Appleton on

I am a psychic/medium, stuff like that happens to me all the time.

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