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Updated on July 27, 2010
C.Z. asks from San Francisco, CA
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So my baby is 6 months old and is now getting formula from a bottle after being breastfed with a bottle of breastmilk here and there. She didn't really have much spit up until I started giving her formula out of a bottle. I've researched spit up some and I think maybe she's just overeating? I never knew how much she got from the breast. I just fill the bottles to 8 oz and let her tell me when she's done. Sometimes she kills it and other times she does about 6 oz.
I'm wondering if maybe she doesn't agree with the formula? What are the side effects to know if a baby needs to switch to a different kind of formula? She doesn't seem to be any different other than increased spit up. I'm using Enfamil...one of the few that doesn't list cornsyrup as the 1st ingredient!!!
Thanks in advance!

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answers from Provo on

I know! Isn't corn syrup horrible!! My son was on Similac Advanced and did fine for awhile. But then he had chronic diarrhea and so we switched to Similac lactose free and he is doing great and it's only been since friday. Sadly corn syrup is one of the first listed, but it's what is doing well for my baby. I will be on the look out for another lactose free. The advance doesn't have corn syrup at all. The Advanced is almost just like Enfamil, but I know my son doesn't do will with it. So perhaps Advanced might work for you.



answers from Indianapolis on

oof! Most babies take 3-4 ounces from the breast the whole time they breastfeed - even at 1, 2, even three years they don't take more because breastmilk changes and they never need more, it just pack in more nutrients and calories! You're giving her twice as much as she's used to:P They eat so much faster from a bottle than from the breast. Get slower-flow nipples and make 4 ounce bottles and burp her after 2oz and then after the next 2. If she's still hungry after eating more slowly, offer another 2.



answers from Fresno on

I think some spit up is perfectly normal. If they are not crying when they spit up and don't have weight issues I wouldn't worry about it. Both of my girls spit up form the 1st 10 months. I breastfed the first 5 months and then did formula and they spit up either way. I even talked to the pediatrician and she said their stomaches aren't fully developed and some kids just are prone to spitting up and its a laundry issue more than anything. I would maybe try cutting back the feeding to 6 ounces and burp good before and after and see if that helps.


answers from Orlando on

My daughter was always a big spitter-upper. I would reccomend trying another formula and then talking to her dr. if there is still a problem. After With my daughter it got to the point that she was loosing weight so she was put on reflux medication at 9 months. The medication really helped her out and her weight finally leveled out.

I'm sure it is just her getting used to the formula...I would try using another one half and half at first and then fully the other. At 6 months an 8 oz bottle shouldn't be to much. As far as I remember. :) Hope that helps a little.



answers from Muncie on

My son couldn't take enfamil. His doctor switched him to a soy based formula and it worked better, Also, Riley Childrens Hospital in Indianapolis, IN told me to "coat" the top of his bottle with a little bit of baby cereal (I used Oatmeal Cereal) and shake it up really good. It worked! I just put enough to coat the top b/c if you put too much it can constipate them. It also stuck with him longer. Good luck and I hope your little one can adjust.



answers from Austin on

Yeah for continuing with breastmilk. If you do need to switch formulas & anyone suggests soy, do your research first. There are some long term side effects that aren't worth it for most. I was fed soy formula & now have an explanation for some of my life long issues. It's tollerable but it can be avoided in some cases.

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