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Updated on February 12, 2013
C.W. asks from Lexington, KY
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My 2 month old seems to spit up too much. He is a big baby and growing fine, and the doc said spit up is normal, just a hassle. He doesnt spit up at every feeding, and sometimes its more than others. A lot of times I feel like he spits up twice as much as he drinks. It gets everywhere. on me, him, the chair, floor.... does this sound normal?

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answers from Dallas on

It sounds pretty normal. Sometimes you really wonder how much could be in there! As long as he is growing well and has times he doesn't spit up, he should be fine.

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answers from Honolulu on

My son was a spitter-upper. Breastfed.
My daughter was not.
So well, for the first year of his life, I had a bib on him constantly. And I always had a burp cloth on me, for wiping up him/me. And I had TONS of different cute bibs and burp cloths. Some bibs have a plastic backing so that it does not soak through.
My son grew like a weed, was a bigger sized baby, and was perfectly fine and healthy and had good normal steady growth.

There is a difference between spit-up and projectile... vomiting.
Spit up does not fly... out of the mouth.

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answers from Austin on

My first daughter spit up a LOT! The doctor just told me that she was gulping a lot of air as she was nursing.. (I had a very strong let-down and it would just squirt everywhere if she pulled off the nipple...).... he said to interrupt her every few minutes to burp her... that helped quite a bit, but sometimes she still spewed everywhere... even as I was trying to burp her!

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answers from Houston on

Nope, it sounds like reflux, if the doc doesn't take it serious enough you might want to get another opinion bc I have had a baby with reflux and around 2 months is when I really noticed the excessive spit up. I think that is something a doc should take seriously. My doc prescribed my baby Prevacid for a few months and he did great :) Good luck!



answers from Peoria on

ohhh lawdy! both my kids spit up SOO much. They wore bibs at all times and it still didn't help - the spit up just projectiled either past the bib altogether or there was so much of it, it just ran right off anyway. Everyone in the family was nailed (and good too) at some point.

Now my sister just had a baby (6 wks) and she doesn't even have a bib on that child when she eats!

It will stop once they are able to sit up on their own and start to eat more substantial food like rice cereal or something.

No worries. Maybe try Dr. Brown's bottles - they are good at keeping the air in the stomach to a minimum and then less gets pushed back up, although they didn't work for us.

But take pictures of the casualties and laugh it off, becuase my kids are now 4 and 7 and it's a joy to tease them about it and see them cringe at the pictures with spit up all over themselves.



answers from Washington DC on

My first 2 kids spit up tons and tons. yes they had reflux, but it took until kid #3 to realize the difference--kid 1 and kid 2 ate tons and tons. They would wolf down whatever was put in front of them, be it 4 oz or 20 oz, in record time, and proceed to spit it up everywhere and beg for more. Baby 3, she never ate more than 6 oz at a time, and rarely that much. She was very slow in her eating. And never once did she spit up. She seemed to have a shut off valve that told her when she was full, that baby 1 and 2 did not have. So yes, it is normal, as long as he is gaining weight, and not uncomfortable, it is annoying, but perfectly fine.



answers from Springfield on

Does it bother him? If it seems to hurt him or bother him in any way, I would mention it to your ped.

Does he make any noise when spitting up, or does it just kind of flow out of his mouth? My youngest made what I could best describe as a wet, gagging noise. He was actually aspirating, so his was a really big deal. His situation is also very rare, so I'm not suggesting this at all. Just letting you know that noises do make a difference. If he's making any noises I would mention that.

Otherwise, yes, they absolutely appear to spit up everything they just ate and then some. I remember Dr. Sears from "The Doctors" showing the audience one ounce of formula and then poring it on the table and talking about how many moms will think that was at least 5 or 6 ounces. It sure looked like it to me!



answers from Knoxville on

I don't know if I have anything new to add, except for more reassurance. Both my girls spit up routinely until about a year old, although it did decrease once they were sitting up and eating solid food. I was really worried with the first one because I was breastfeeding, so I had no idea how much she was taking in, and, yes, it seems like she spit up a lot! But, like the other responder noted, if you fill a bottle to one ounce and spill it out, it will look like a lot more than you would think. But, as long as the baby is gaining weight, and does not seem to be in any pain, it is fine.
One of my favorite books "Baby 411" explains that the muscle between their esophagus and stomach is not fully strengthened until 6 months to 1 year old, so between that and the baby swallowing air as they eat, food comes back up easily.
So, I put a bib on my kids all the time, had burp cloths all throughout the house, and I frequently changed my shirt :) The worst time was in the middle of church and the spit up literally went right down inside my shirt - that felt great :) I hoped that my second baby wouldn't spit up all the time, because it is more annoying than anything, but, she did. Oh well. They are 2 and 4 now and, honestly, those are becoming distant memories.


answers from Sarasota on

Could be acid reflux or he could be eating to much at the feeding. You could try for a little while decreasing amount and feed more often. Like if feeding every 3 hours feed every 2 1/2 hours . Do that for a couple of days and she what happens.



answers from Bloomington on

Spit Up always looks like more , than what it really is. What I was told, is that if a baby is growing well & there isn't any pain associated with spitting up , then it's nothing to worry about.



answers from Lexington on

That sounds just like my son if I don't burp him for extended periods of time both in the middle and at the end of every feeding. He's just a gassy baby



answers from Johnson City on

My 1st son would have the pea soup exorcism spit up. I noticed it at probably 5 or 6 weeks. He couldnt even keep pedalite down. I refused to take reflux as an answer cuz it seemed to bad. Ended up having a gastrointestinal x-ray type thing done and turned out he had to have minor surgery. He was eating every 3-4 hours like he was supposed to and gaining weight , when it came back up it smelled curdled like it had soured. We tried a few different formulas in the mix and nothing helped. Sometimes u have to push for something to be done. Hope its nothing to serious. O he had what's called a pyloric stenosis.

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