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Updated on April 16, 2011
A.K. asks from Schenectady, NY
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I didn't have a shower or registry with our first child. No shower because we were living in a new town and didn't know anyone, and no registry because it felt tacky to do that without a shower in person. A few relatives still sent lovely gifts anyways, which were much appreciated.
Now we're having baby number 2. I've saved all the baby gear from the first child (which we mostly purchased ourselves) and plan to purchase another carseat and swing and whatever clothing we'll need depending on gender (if it's another boy we're all set!). The one big thing we'll need is a double stroller, and it's got to be 'nice'. Not because I'm spoiled on nice things - I adore craigslist and thirft stores. The issue is that it needs to be narrow enough to fit through big city streets like boston and NYC, rugged enough to climb dirt roads, strong enough to hold two heavy children (our son will be 2 and has CP and we don't know when he'll be walking), and quality enough to last a long time. For all my research and requirements and question pestering on websites and of friends, this will be the most expensive piece of baby equipment we own! It looks like it will cost around $700 or so.

My question is whether it would be wrong to ask friends and family to contribute to a stroller fund? I wouldn't go into all the gory details about how much we need or why we need an expensive stroller, but would just ask that if they want to send gifts, they make financial contributions toward a twin stroller as it's all we'll really need.
I hate to even think of being tacky and I hate to ask for handouts, but I know with my first son all of my female relatives were always asking what we needed and wanted for the baby, so I assume they'd like to give a gift this time too.
So, would it be tacky to do this? What would be good wording? I'm thinking of sending pregnancy announcement cards in snail mail and adding a line about it to them (I'm 15 weeks and still haven't announced it to most people).

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So What Happened?

Tacky is confirmed! lol! I figured my hubbys men friends would be wrong. I hadn't thought about just registering for gift cards, that's not a bad idea. And yes, pregnancy announcements are sent - they are along the same line as birth announcements. More people send them through email and facebook nowadays but the old snail mail way still gets done. Oh! And we could afford to buy the stroller ourselves, I just don't see the point in getting a bunch of $20 outfits that would add up to the same when all we really need is the stroller. Thanks for the tips!

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answers from Washington DC on

When you register, you can put gift cards on the registry. Go ahead and put the stroller that you are interested in on the registry. People who see it will then see the cost and will probably lean towards getting you the gift cards.

You could use an announcement with a stroller, sort of as a suggestion, but don't put any wording other than maybe, Registered at ...

You could have the theme be 'stroller'





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answers from Detroit on

IF someone asks wheat you need, I would say "we are really trying to save up for a double stroller and it's far more money than we ever imagined, but it's a must. A gift card to such and such store would help go towards that purchase IF you REALLY want to get us something. In all honesty, we pretty much have everything else we need."

And in the event you end up with more than $700 in gift cards, I am sure you could use the extra on diapers!

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answers from Kansas City on

If people ask, that would be a great suggestion. Your friends/family could even spread the word. However, I do think it would be tacky to ask for it in writing.

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answers from Detroit on

It would be tacky if YOU did the asking, or put it in the pregnancy announcement, but if there is someone that you can talk to and let them know, like your mom or a sister or really good friend, maybe they could spread the word. Or if someone actually asks you directly if there is anything they can do, then you can let them know.

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answers from Miami on

IF and ONLY IF friends and family ask you what you need for the baby, then I see no problem with saying, "Hubby and I are all set for the things we need for the baby except for a twin stroller we are saving for. Perhaps you might be interested in adding to our existing fund for this item we really need/want." Keep in mind that people like/love to get something for a new baby and it's likely they will forgo a "donation" and get you something else anyway. It's how it is and I think it's how it always goes.
DO not make a suggestion on any announcement cards. That would be tacky but if anyone contacts you, then I see no problem with being clear about what you want. IF you also know where you intend to buy such a stroller, you could always suggest a gift card from that store so you can decide what to get when you need it. Family wouldn't necessarily be offended by you making such a bold announcement in the cards, but friends may be put off by it. It's just best to wait until people make inquiries to you directly.

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answers from New York on

Since your 15 weeks preganant, if you put away $25 per week until your due date, you can buy your own $700 stroller. :)

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answers from Seattle on

Your still early in the pregnancy, and havent announced it yet, so I would save up as much as I could and researched the one that would be best for you so you have all the facts, how much it will be etc. Then later after everyone knows and starts asking what you would like then I would casually mention that the thought is very much appreciated and if they would like to contribute to the stroller because you really need it, I dont see being tacky. Then maybe after you have told a few people then it will circulate that you would rather have that then any other present. Also if you have a close friend who might be organizing your baby shower, then I would tell them all this and ask what they think and if possibly they can tactfully tell other ones.

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answers from Nashville on

It would be tacky and you should not ask for anything in particular. You can, however, either tell your mother to spread the word that you ONLY need money b/c you ONLY need one thing and you already have it picked out. OR, you can tell your best friend that you really don't need anything but a stroller....then you ask her if anyone asks, to please spread the word that you only need cash or VISA gift cards towards the things you really need most since this is your second. Other than that, you do not need a $700 stroller even given those cirucmstances. There are many strollers that are narrow and can hold a lot of weight. You could even ask here to the momma's! :o) It would be a waste of money that you could spend elsewhere needed and you would never get that value out of it. Many strollers now have those descriptions so just ask around and try not to have your heart set on the most expensive....even though you already do. ha ha
I bought one of the priciest chairs to nurse my children in and although I loved it, that was a lot of money and now that we no longer need the chair, there is NO WAY I am going to give it away or sell at little to no money. Hindsight. congrats to you!!

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answers from St. Louis on

When I got married all we really needed was a washer and dryer so we let our parents pass the word around. This way it wasnt coming from us directly and didn't seemto tacky. We also ended up getting enough in gift cards to purchase both. I think people are more willing to go in on a big gift it they are asked. A stroller is something that you need so if it were me I would have no problems giving money towards the stroller and I would probably give more than what I would spend on another gift.

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answers from Chicago on

If people ask you "Hey, you're expecting - congratulations! What might you need that we may be able to get for you?" then that is an acceptable time to let them know "Well, since we have just about everything we need other than a double stroller, if you'd like to contribute to that or give a gift card to <store>, that would be great!"

Don't put it in the pregnancy announcement (people actually send these out?). That's tacky and it looks like you're asking for a handout.

If they asked the first time, they'll ask again.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I agree if someone asks what you need for the upcoming baby you can say that you are saving for a quality dobble stroller. I won't go on because Michelle M has said it so nicely :)

Someone in the family is going to ask, and with that word will spread. Same with friends. So once you start announcing your expecting I am sure a few people will ask and you can share what you are saving for.

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answers from Dallas on

Not sure what brand you are looking at but we are pregnant with our second child and our first (2.5 yo) is over 95th percentile for height and weight. We decided we wanted a Bob Duallie but I could NOT wrap my head around spending $700 on a stroller. Now, I know that they are good and they do hold their value so reselling in a couple of years is definitely an option. Even still, I ended up getting a two year old double Bob Duallie on Craigslist for $350. It is in immaculate condition and I used it today for the first time (with just our daughter) and it was great. I would say, if money is a concern, consider buying a great stroller used!

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