Updated on September 25, 2007
E.M. asks from Louisville, KY
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our house is crawling with spiders... no pun intended hunny says he doesnt think anything can get rid of them has anyone had this problem?? i just sucked up one bigger than a 1/2 dollar not to mention the lil guys that hang out on our ceiling! please let me know of anything that may work!

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answers from Louisville on

If I were you I's just call OPC.they're located in Louisville, in Okolona. I have them spray at my house. I had a lot of black widows in my garage, and many, many other spiders in my house and around. They guarantee to keep them out, and anytime you see a bug, you call them and they don't charge you to spray again. I can't remember what it costs. But it's not too awfully bad...there may be a contract..just call them and check on pricing. I hate spiders, especially poisionous ones, so I was willing to pay for it. Also, you could get Home Defense at Lowes or Home Depot and spray around yourself...it's probably less potent than what OPC would spray, but it works well, too. Good Luck!

Oh, by the way, my son was also born March 9th, in 2006.



answers from Biloxi on

Try ortho home defence indoor. We had fire ants in our dirty clothes and we sprayed it on the outside of our windown and along the baseboards inside and they have stayed away. If your here in gulfport they sell it at the hardware store in norwood village shopping center., but i'm sure you can pick it up anywhere that sells that kind of stuff!!



answers from Detroit on

I have an intense fear of spiders so I try my best to keep them at bay! I have done my share of research and have had more expericnce than I would ever want with getting rid of creepy crawlies.

The biggest thing is making sure that there are no trees touching your house! The same goes for bushes and all foliage. I can not stress enough just how many spiders this stuff breeds! We recently took down a tree in our backyard that was just too close to the house. Not only are our gutters much cleaner but we have seen a lot less spiders both inside and out. If taking down a whole tree is inconvenient trim back any branches that are touching or hanging over the house. Do the samem for any shrubs and bushes. You don't want anything toughing the house at all! Ivy is terrible as well. If you have it...get rid of it ASAP! Not only does it breed spiders and other insects it also attracts rodents and snakes.

Before moving in to our house we cleaned really well and used Ortho Max Home Deffense. Be sure to read all of the directions (i didn't notice that they peeled back and had to re-spray as a result). You can find it at any home store as well as Target, Walmart, Meijer etc. You may still get a few spiders but this stuff generally keeps them away. Just be sure to spray extra around windows and doors since that's where they like to hand out. Also, you could try a little coconut and vinegar solution. Spray it in the corners of your ceilings. I haven't tried it but I hear it works.

Other than that you can get a professional in your home.

Also make sure to always vaccuume the corners of the ceiling as well as baseboards and behind furniture...I try to move all my furniture like beds and dressers once or twice a month. We also walk around the entire outside of the house and knock down any webs we find and squish any spiders or eggs that we see. This is done on a weekly basis at least...Sometimes a few times a week if we happen to spot one while outside.

Here's to a spider free home!!!



answers from Birmingham on

When we first moved into our house it was a new subdivision and we had a tremendous amount of spiders. Mostly outside, but some did find their way in. We also had giant roaches getting into the garage. My husband went to the local ACE Hardware and asked about something he could spray with. They had a product called Demon (or it had Demon in the name). It's powder and has to be mixed with water. He sprays outside and under the house (no basement) in the spring and fall and it kills everything. I couldn't believe all the dead spiders and roaches the first time he sprayed! He's been using it for several years and we hardly ever see spiders or roaches now. When we do see one, we know it's time to spray!



answers from Huntsville on

We've had pretty good success with Orkin. We had a lot of spiders when we moved in. After my daughter got bitten (not a brown recluse, thankfully) we called Orkin. They did something special about the spiders, but I'm not sure what.



answers from Huntsville on

The best thing we've found for creepy crawlers is a product called Viper that you mix with water and spray. It's pet and kid safe once it's dry. You can get it at the local Coop, or hardware store. Demon is also very good. Similar stuff.



answers from Lexington on

i had spider there for awhile but we got this spray called tarro or something lik that and it worked rreally well haven't seen any in about 6 weeks now. its pretty safe around kids i even have 4 month old .

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