Speech Therapist Recommendations and Potty Training

Updated on February 04, 2010
B.B. asks from The Colony, TX
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My son is 2 years 7 months. His dr recommended speech therapy, but I'm not really sure where to start. The nurse told me that most don't accept insurance, so I should just call around. I plan on calling ECI, and also the school district (but I'm pretty sure they don't start until age 3). We have Blue Cross Blue Shield. Any suggestions for speech therapists that either accept insurance, or are reasonably priced?? Money is an issue, but we also will work things out so he can get the speech therapy he needs. I just thought I'd look into all our options.

Also, I'm about to start potty training him. He's very interested and shows all the signs of readiness, but we've been so busy and out of town a lot since the holidays that I wanted to wait until things settled down before starting the potty training. Should I wait until after he starts the therapy and is used to it, or go ahead and start?? I don't want to put it off, but I also don't want to start 2 things at once and have the potty training take longer.


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answers from Dallas on

Hey B.,

I have been where you are. By the way you have been miss informed on one point about ECI, they end at age 3 not begin!!! I would contact them because they have a family cost share and I fairly sure yours would be 0 dollars out of pocket. Have him evaluated for all areas and they will give you someone that will come directly to your home for usually one hour a week home visits. They also have a program to help you transition him into other services if he doesn't qualify for theirs as well as when he turns three and graduates from their programs. Hope they are helpful to you as they have been for us. Andrew particularly would be so far behind without ECI, I will be eternally grateful to them for what they have done for my babies.

What kind of speech issues is he having? I didn't notice anything when I was around him but then again both of my children have been speech delayed. Greyson seems to be thriving with no signs of low muscle tone !! Praise God! He is sitting up without support and Adam even saw him trying to get on all fours today!!!




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I put my daughter in ECI and they have someone come to your home, I know they charge but for some reason we haven't paid anything. They are great. My daughter is now 3 and is in with the school program and it has helped tremendously. I would say just to call them and have him tested. Lylah had 4-6 months of them coming to our home before she turned 3 and she loved it.



answers from Boston on

My son goes to speech and it is only once a week for an hour each time. He is 3 now and potty trained and the speech didn't interfere with potty training.
As for where to go Im in NH so I dont know what you have in TX but you should check and see if they have an Easter Seals in your area. That is where I take my son and they take insurance.



answers from Portland on

Check with your school district. In Oregon, the ESD (Educational Service District) provides early intervention to students that qualify, for free. If your son does not qualify then they can point you in the right direction.

I found this link to Texas Regional Education service Centers. Hopefully they can help. http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/ESC/




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My daughter benefited from Easter Seals organization speech therapy program. At the time they were in the Carrollton area.

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