Speech Delays and Hearing

Updated on September 16, 2009
K.S. asks from Frisco, TX
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Hi Mom's -

My son was evaluated by ECI at age 2 and was great in every area except was found to be about 4 months behind in his speech (he's 2 years & 4 months old now). He's been doing ECI therapy for a couple of months now.

My son has a great single word vocabulary - well over 150 words, he has so many single words I can't keep count anymore. His issue comes with not wanting to put two words together. He does sometimes but not consistantely. The speech therapist mentioned having his ears checked by an ENT. I've never noticed a problem with his hearing (he seems to have great hearing, no issues) but she said something about the "frequency" at different levels. My son did have a bout of ear infections this past spring (about 4 in two months, hasn't had any since May - he has really bad allegeries) and she stated that could be an issue as well.

I have no issues having his hearing checked & will get them checked. I've looked at old posts and found names of ENT's in the area that other mom's like. I just wanted to see if anyone else has any experience with this? Thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

My youngest son had numerous ear infections and was speech delays, he did infact have some hearing loss with fluid in his ears. He got his tubes at 13 months and has only had 2 mild ear infections since them, he turned 4 in May.
I would highly Suggest Dr Amy Coffey at Children's Medical Center in Plano.

Please let me know if interested.



answers from Dallas on

Our Son had several ear infections and had tubes and adenoids taken out. It can affect their hearing and their speech, cause if they can't hear then they won't respond.

My Son didn't have speech problems. He was hearing a little muffled type sound, but it wasn't bad. It was corrected with the adenoids and ear tubes.

We went Dr. Mark Palmer and he is great. Get him checked out as soon as possible, cause you never know what is going on.


answers from Dallas on

I would definitely get his ears/hearing checked. I thought my son's ears/hearing were fine. Turns out, he had so much fluid in his ears that he was hearing as if he were under water. He showed NO signs of ear pain, fever, etc... so I was very surprised to find out his diagnosis.

Since then, he has had 2 sets of tubes and today talks NON-stop. :)




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I have a 4 year old son who has been in some sort of speech therapy since he was a little over 2. We had ECI coming out to our house and he was making some progress, but not a whole lot. When he was about 2 1/2 I was talking to his therapist about some of his quirks ... didn't like to swing, would freak out if you rolled him over, was really clumsy, acted like he was falling when you'd lay him down on the changing table, etc. She suggested we see an ENT also. It turns out that my son had fluid in one of his ears that was making him have severe hearing loss. He had had an ear infection back when he was 1 that never healed completely. The antibiotics knocked the infection out, but left him with the fluid. We had switched pediatricians around that time and neither one could see the fluid. The ENT said my son's ear canal was more angled than normal on that side (this was the side that he had plagiocephaly as a baby on and wore a DOC band for). They wanted to do tubes, but we opted to try strong antibiotics first. His ear cleared up and his hearing returned to normal within 6 wks. After that he has made huge progress in his speech. He also did a complete turn around of all the quirky behavior. He is now in the McKinney ISD PALS speech program and should be graduating out shortly. He has mastered 7 of his 9 goals. I never would have thought that he was having a hearing problem had our therapist not suggested we go to the ENT. I feel bad that our little guy had that for 1 1/2 yrs and no one knew. Best of luck.

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