Special Tradition for Starting Kindergarten

Updated on August 15, 2008
S.S. asks from Casselberry, FL
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My first child ( a girl) will begin Kindergarten this Monday. I was wondering if anyone had neat ideas or special tradtions I could start. I know this will be a very special year and Monday will be very hard for me. She is very excited and happy about going, so I am trying not to show how anxious I am. I know many of you have school age children already so if you could share how you made it thru the first day of kindergarten and if you started any traditions. She did attend preschool the last 2 1/2 years for 3 days a week for 3 hours. I am used to her being at 'school' but this feels diferrent.

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My son is nowhere near ready for kindergarten yet ! *(Thank God) but I remember when my mom would pack my lunch everyday for the first month I would get a note left somewhere whether it be in my lunch box or back -pack and I would see it when I least expected to and that would definetle make me smile ! I am going to start that tradition with my son when he starts school.
Good luck -



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Hi S...

I always let me kids pick what they will have for our family meal that night. I also get a small ice cream cake. This is a treat they only have on the first day of school. Even my middle school daughter looks forward to the Ice Cream cake.
good luck witht the first day of school.



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I have a 2nd grader, 1st grade & pre-k. Although lonnggg summer rainy afternoons, make me excited about school -- I also feel weepy. They are gone for soooo long. Why can't school end at 12:00?:)

The note idea in the lunch box -- my kids LOVE when I do that. Great start to the school year for your little one. Usually, I show the note before I put it in & read it -- a big heart -- i love you:)

We started a cookies & milk party every day after school. Sometimes it would be carrots -- or fruit & cheese --- so it isn't always the cookies -- but nevertheless, we all look forward to reconnecting right after pickup from school. Each child has a turn & shows artwork and gives me the pound of notices:) from the school each day.

Then they want to rush off & play -- but at least i've hugged, kissed, ate cookies & got to hear their little stories about the day. (I think I watched too much Brady Bunch -- they used to do that after school.) Of course, the stories continue later at dinner time. I think -- me -- the mommy -- needs cookie time more than the children do.

At breakfast, I show my excitement for the day (excitement is contagious) -- and what fun they'll expect at school today and what fun it will be for our snack time after school & maybe run to the park or whatever we have planned after school.

During the summer, we've been pretty relaxed & "educational" cartoons have played in the a.m. for a little while....but we don't do that during the school year, except for saturdays.

Hang tough - and never let them see your anxious.
(A mommy pal could help you get through the first few days. Preferably, one who doesn't have young kids. Her little ones will just make you weep or will make you extremely helpful to the mommy!)



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We always take a picture the 1st day of school w/ new outfit and backpack. It's fun to see the changes year by year. I know how you feel...it's a big day. Good luck!



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Go to the library or book store and get "The Kissing Hand"

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