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Updated on January 20, 2012
G.L. asks from Costa Mesa, CA
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I am looking for suggestions for a mother-daughter day. My husband is the stay at home dad with me being the working parent so my 8 year old spends a lot more time with him and they have a great relationship. Lately she has been doing a lot of the "I miss you mommy" several times in a day even on weekends when I am home. So I was thinking of doing something for just the 2 of us to spend special time together. I am looking for what creative ideas other mothers have done, perhaps something that has become a tradition?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Tea! There's a great place where you can dress up and they have FABULOUS scones and cream. Victorian Manor in Orange...but it might be closed. We visit a great one in San Juan Capistrano, in the oldest neighborhood in California.


Have fun!

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi G.,

This is about the age where I started taking my daughter out on a "lunch date" at a real restaurant. You might want to do a little shopping or see a movie before or afterwards.

As my daughter has gotten older it has evolved into lunch, mani-pedi's, and/or shopping. We do have traditions, such as seeing the Nutcracker or a musical every year, and going to lunch, but sometimes this includes dad.

I'm sure there are lots more creative ideas out there, but for me I am just interested in getting some time together! My daughter will be 13 in a couple months and I am just glad to get some face time with her! Have fun with your daughter on your special day...

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answers from Los Angeles on

How about getting your daughter a charm bracelet and every time you plan a mother/daughter day, you give her a charm that corresponds to whatever you're doing (an art palate if you're going to Color Me Mine together, a shopping bag charm for a trip to the mall, etc.). Perhaps you can have an extra special m/d day once a month so as not to overdo the charm bracelet idea and to save your pocketbook. Have fun with your special days! You sound like a wonderful mother.

Take care and enjoy,

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answers from Los Angeles on

Why don't you go to tea? There's a cute tea house in San Juan Capristrano called the Los Rios Tea House. They have a kid's tea and they even have hats the girls can wear if they want. I have two boys aged six and three and they even love the place...my six year old actually just asked me when we could go again. They get busy on weekends, so I do recommend reservations, but the place is great...very relaxing and the "garden tea" is my favorite. I also prefer to eat outside. I would think your daughter would LOVE it!




answers from Los Angeles on

My 8yo daughter and my favorite time together is getting a mani/pedi. We sit and talk and giggle and feel pampered. We also go to Starbucks for hot cocoa and will sit and talk or read a book together. This weekend we're going to ColorMeMine to paint pottery together. I think we're also going to get up early and go to breakfast. We've never done that, just the 2 of us. We've ice skated and gone to movies together. We go out to lunch at a sit down restaurant like Ruby's. We go shopping for fun rather than need. Recently, we just had fun going to home depot to pick out paint colors for her room. Any time you spend together and make her feel important creates the memories that will last a lifetime! Personally, when I was a child I cherished the times my mom went rollerskating or bikeriding with me; when she got on the swings at the park and swung with me; when she sat at the table and did crafts with me; when we baked cookies together and ate a ton of dough. Those were the special times! Have fun whatever you do!!!


answers from San Antonio on

Hi G.
Anything you do with your daughter will be special. When my baby was that age I started taking her to really nice places for lunch, just the two of us, NO BOYS ALLOWED! As the baby of the family with two older brothers, it was our girl time. It opened up great conversations. Her and I are VERY CLOSE, she is 14 now. To me movies are ok, but they don't allow the time to really talk to each other. Walk around the mall, go to eat, get your nails done, take your time and ENJOY!!



answers from Dayton on

I would get nails painted or pedicures together.



answers from Los Angeles on

High Tea - there are several high end hotels like Ritz Carlton that do them! Or lunch at Huntington Gardens and a lovely walk around. Or mommy/daughter manicures. Or a picnic on the beach just you and her. It really doesn't matter the what - it is the who that count. She just wants to be with you.
Love L



answers from Los Angeles on

My SD & I used to have our fun days to spend time doing something
fun together. Some of the fun things we did together....
* Get a pedicure together
* Go to lunch
* Go to a kids movie
* Paint pottery
* mini golf
* have a picnic at a park
* Shopping at the mall complete w/lunch
It's fun!


answers from Los Angeles on

There were a few tea houses where we used to live, and I always wanted to take my daughter there when she was older. These places offered traditional English tea service (finger sandwiches, fruits, salad, sweet treats, etc.), but also had feather boas and tiaras for little girl tea parties. Maybe there's something like that near you?



answers from Las Vegas on

I agree with the other moms. It's the time together that's important so anything you do will be great. Maybe each weekend you can do something different. You can try different restaurants or paint pottery pieces. You can pack a picnic in the park pending weather. Take her to a girlie movie. You can go get coffee and hot chocolates and sit out on the patio. How about some miniature golf? Or a museum? Art gallery?

Hope you have lots of fun, bonding time!

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