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Updated on August 18, 2008
K.N. asks from Long Beach, NY
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We will be christening my daughter next month and am wondering what I should give her godparents. I plan on giving them a framed photo of her, but am wondering if I should give them anything else. Are there traditional presents given to godparents? I am crafty and love making things, but my time is limited (I already have lots of unfinished projects!), but would love to make them something. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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answers from New York on

for my children, i got their godparents christmas ornaments engrave "so&so's Godmother" "so&so's Godfather".they were really cute.



answers from New York on

To be honest, I don't think you're really obligated to give the godparents anything, but if you feel you must, I would just go with the framed photo and call it a day. When I had Brendan christened, I asked around to get gift ideas also, and everyone said that gifts aren't usually given to the godparents. I do give them birthday gifts and such when they roll around, something special from Brendan, but nothing was given on the day of the christening. I wouldn't stress over it. Enjoy the day, it's such a special memory! Lynsey



answers from New York on

Hi. You already sound like you've got it covered and it sounds good. The suggestion I can offer is to treat these 2 people extra special on birthdays/holidays, etc. I always give a little something extra from the godchild on these occasions and the godparents are thrilled. Try to make it personable too (like something engraved or a message on something). Good luck and remember, its not the cost of something but the thought.



answers from New York on

Here's an interesting idea: you could give them a Bible and a set of highlighters -- the idea is for them to highlight their favorite Bible stories or verses to present back to your daughter at her 1st communion or on an anniversary of her christening. Some people are offended by writing on a Bible -- but it actually shows a connection to this Word that shows us God's love. Kids learn that things are important when people take time to engage -- so this is a way for her godparents to help her on her lifelong journey of faith.

God's peace to you and blessings on being a parent!



answers from Buffalo on

Hi Karissa,
You might start a sterling silver charm bracelet where you begin with a baby head for the first charm, engraved however you want. The second and future ones might relate to how the baby is doing, what the baby enjoys or charms that have meaning for the godmother.



answers from Rochester on

I got one of the "team" frames from the store, it has a rectangle on one side and a circle on the other. I left the circle blank to take of pic of each god parent holding my baby, and a saying in the rectangle part. However, it's been so long I can't find a copy of the actual poem I used, but you can find a million on the web...here's just one....

(A Phrase Above Name)
To My Godparents
I want you to know how lucky I feel
to have Godparents like you,
someone who always loves me
no matter what I do.
When I think of you I count my blessings and
thank the Lord above
that I have you for my Godparents because
Godparents are chosen with love.

Optional Closing Phrase Example:
With Love,
FROM: http://www.poetrygift.com/godparents.html

They loved the gift too because it was "personal", good luck. ~A.



answers from Binghamton on


I don't know what role you plan on them having in your daughter's life, but Godparents are traditionally supposed to help the parents ensure that the child is brought up in a Godly way. In that light, I would suggest the book The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie O'Martian...stick a photo of your daughter in the inside cover and ask them to pray for her regularly using this book as a guide. I know this ends up being a gift for your daughter (the prayers for her), but you will all benefit from this.

I also agree that Godparents should be given special attention on birthdays...but would also encourage you to have them be a specifically focused Godly presence in her life continually. If you are determined to bring up your daughter to know the Lord, there will be times when she will begin to doubt, and having that trusted Godparent reaffirm what you are trying to teach is VERY helpful.

Godparenting is not about what you get, but what you can give to the child, and I don't think any Godparent who accepts the role for the right reasons would be expecting a gift anyway.

Enjoy your daughter's special day!




answers from New York on

I ordered my daughter's godmother a precious moment with a godmother and child. My friend likes them.



answers from New York on

Karissa - there's nothing more special than the gift of a photo. I am in the business of memory celebration and can suggest several gifts that would be special for the Godparents. If you haven't already come up with something, email me direct and I can tell you more. If you're creative, I think what I have to offer will be somehting you'd be interested in. I hope to hear from you!



answers from Syracuse on

We gave a photo book that we made on Snapfish, along with a framed picture. We used newborn photos of him with our daughter and then added some baptism photos. We sent it a few weeks after the ceremony as a little something extra.



answers from New York on

personalcreations.com is great - they have Christmas ornaments - frames and more......


answers from New York on

I went to personalcreations.com and got them each a photo frame with my daughters name and her baptism date on it. They loved them! Someone had mentioned that you don't have to but it's a nice jesture. They will greatly appreciate the thought!

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