Spanish-speaking Cartoons?

Updated on May 18, 2010
J.L. asks from Frisco, TX
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Any favorite Spanish-speaking cartoons that your kids enjoy watching? My son is in Spanish-immersion preschool but we don't help enforce it at home. I know the channels vary per cable package, but I wanted to see if there were any shows out there. Thank you!

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answers from Dallas on

If you get the names of some shows, don't feel like you have to buy a cable package or a slew of DVDs. You could find the programming online with sites like Hulu or another web platform that hosts shows for free.
I watch a lot of my programming that way and my boys do too (they love the History Channel, but hate the commercials).

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answers from Dallas on

Our public library has a large collection of children's programs in Spanish.

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answers from Dallas on

Dora the Explorer and Diego both run in Spanish on Saturday and Sunday mornings on one of the Spanish stations (Univision, I think.)


answers from New York on

you would have to look it up on the spanish speaking channels early in the mornings on Saturday and Sunday. They even have Sesame Street in spanish! aside from Dora, Diego and Sponge Bob. They have different shows aswell. I don't know what the channels are in your town but look them up and you'll see. Here it's only on the weekends that I would find them, in the weekdays they have the news :(



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Hi my name is Y. I see that you are interested on the spanish cartoons well I have verizon as my cable and the spanish cartoons that I get is because you have to buy like a spanish channel package that way you can see some cartoon channels in spanish ask your cable provider about that also in channel 23 that is univision and channel 10 telemundo on saturday and sunday morning they show several cartoons in spanish. I hope this can help.


answers from Detroit on

if you don't have cable you can buy the dora explorer and diego dvd's. but if you can afford just basic cable these two shows come on nickelodeon and that channel is usually part of the basic package. if not you can usually pull some episode up on youtube! Good luck!


answers from Philadelphia on

In addition to the previous comment, you can check on demand for free. They have a Spanish tab where Nick Jr., Sprout and Disney, among others, have the Spanish version of popular characters like Dora, Sesame Street, Blue and so forth. If your kid likes computers, like mine, you can open up the TV cable websites and find the same shows in Spanish and do some games, too. However, the best way is to talk to him in Spanish or having him in Spanish classes to expose him as much a you can to the language.



answers from Dallas on

Hi J.! I buy DVDs that have Spanish tracks and only play them in Spanish. Best wishes!



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it's a little pricey but there is actually a spanish cartoon program for learning spanish through immersion. It's called Muzzy and it's put out by the bbc. It's a little outdated but very effective. (i remember it used to come on the television in the early 80's when i lived in europe)

check out



answers from Phoenix on

If you change the language format on your television every show can be in Spanish.


answers from Dallas on

my kids watch disney channel in spanish and sponge bob ,dora,diego,and a lot of movies in spanish

also you tube you can find some cartoons in spanish

dora la exploradora
spong bob esponga
go diego go
lazy town spanish

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