Spa Weekend Getaway - Chicago Area

Updated on October 26, 2011
M.J. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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Any recommendations for a great Spa location for one night in the Chicago area? It would be a Mother/Daughter Spa weekend. Any suggestions would be wonderful!! Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for the help!! I chose Eagle Resort & Spa in Itasca!

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I don't know if you are specifying Chicago for the proximity, or if you are looking to enjoy some of the city itself in your weekend, but I do know that there are some great spas in the Wisconsin Dells area. My hubby stayed at The Wilderness during a conference last winter, and he was very impressed by their spa's services.



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Depends on what kind of atmosphere you want. Also not sure what your budget is....

"Bliss" spa is in the W Hotel - right on Lake Shore Drive / Ontario. The skybar (I think that's the name) is the bar owned by Cindy Crawford's husband (current, ex? not sure). It's swanky swanky and super duper nice. I've had martini's at the skybar on several special occasions.

There is also Spa Space on Canal - it's more in the Loop. Nine Steakhouse is right around the corner and their Bearnaise sauce is famous and it is really fantastic. I'm not sure about a hotel in that area - probably the JW Marriott on Adams and then cab to Spa Space?

If you want a more intimate neighborhood-y experience, you can go to the Wicker Park area and go to Ruby Room - they are a bed and breakfast, spa and holistic salon. It's a really neat space - I've not been (but I live in that area) but my sister had a mani pedi there. Plus, that area is hoppin, so you can have a great time for the rest of the weekend as well. Wicker Park is basically at Division / Ashland (a few blocks north about 3 miles west of Water Tower place).

In the Lincoln Park area you can go the Michael Anthony Salon on North Ave (a few blocks from the North & Clyborn redline stop. There's good shopping there, and a brand new (well, ok not so brand new anymore.... it's like a year old) Flagship Whole Foods (where you can get glasses of wine to carry with you as you shop!!!!!). Michael Anthony is where I go normally to get my mani pedis (I also get my haircut there) and I've had a couple massages there as well. No hotel right there, but get any hotel downtown on the redline and you can just "el" it to the North & Clyborn stop.

Hope that helps! Have fun.



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There is a heavenly overnight spa called Sundara in the Dells. It is a pretty short trip and so worth it. It has been ranked one of the top 5 spas in the nation, tucked away in the irony of the Dells! I count the days till I get to go back!



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Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa is located on Michigan Avenue right by/on the Magnificent Mile close to hotels, shopping, and restaurants. The Peninsula Hotel also has a nice spa although it's a bit pricey. However, it's also really close to many nice attractions/shops/restaurants.

Have fun! :0)

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