Soymilk in Cereal

Updated on March 04, 2009
B.S. asks from Springville, PA
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Hey everyone! I am currently pumping and putting breastmilk in with her cereal, however I am going to start weaning in about a month. I was wondering if you have done soymilk in the rice/oatmeal cereal and instead of milk during the weaning process. How did it go? My ped said to use cow's milk after a year, but she is not that interested in the breast anymore, so I would like to start weaning in the next couple weeks. She is eating "normal" foods, but isn't digesting them too well yet...

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answers from Harrisburg on

From 11 months ols, my daughter went right to silk milk unsweetned! She is 3, and still drinks it. She hates reg milk, and will tell you its nasty! LoL

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answers from Scranton on

Cows milk is unhealthy and unnatural. It is also full of hormones and antibiotics. If you care about your childs health, check out this web site. They will show you the perfect diet for your baby, to be as healthy as she can. Best wishes.

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answers from Altoona on

Ye gods! No soy!

Please don't have a knee jerk reaction if you consume soy, use soy formula, or give your children soy milk. You are not being attacked. You are being informed. PLEASE follow the links below and do the research. This isn't an OPINION, it is FACT.

Unfermented soy is a TOXIN. I'm dead serious here, no pun intended. And yes, I know, you probably think I'm nuts here, and everyone always told you how healthy soy is, so I'm just out on a limb here.

That is, until you look it up and do the research. Then it won't seem so nutty after all.

Soy contains estrogen mimicking chemicals, that have the effect of super-feminizing girls and emasculating boys.

Under no circumstances should you be feeding SOY formula to an infant, especially an infant boy.

This soy junk is in nearly everything we eat, and then we wonder why girls are hitting puberty at 7, and why little boys act like little girls.


Go get some organic, or at the very least, RBGH-free(Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) milk. If it is RGBH free, it will say so on the carton. If not, don't buy it. All organic is RGBH free however.

If you want to learn more about making your own forumula, I'd be happy to assist you with the links. Take the health of your children into your own INFORMED hands please!

Read about what soy really does here:

Natural news is a fantastic source for everything natural.

So is Dr. Mercola's site.


I’ve never found anything that Dr. Mercola has said to be untrue, and I always research it well beyond what he says.

The video is 5 minutes 22 seconds long. If you eat soy, this may be the most informative 5+ minutes of your life.

He talks about phytoestrogens, soy formula, and soy milk in the video.

“Infants fed soy formula have up to 20,000 TIMES the amount of estrogen in their bloodstream as infants NOT fed soy formula.”


PLEASE! Research, research, research!

There are at least TWENTY other articles about soy that can be found with the above link. Please go read them.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I was just talking to a nutritionist who warned me to stay away from soymilk or any soy products due to the phytoestrogens (sp)? She recommended goat's milk. Hope that's helpful!
p.s Sorry for the cliche, but "You Go Girl" for taking the time to pump your milk for her cereal! I could never do good for you, Mommy! :)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I too would suggest goat, cow or rice or hemp milk over soy.
adding into the information below. Soy also has some strong negative impacts the thyroid, and most of the soy products today are made with the leftover parts of the soy and really is not all that good for you. The soy industry wants you to think so but you may want to so your homework first before settling in. I was consuming a fair amount of soy and several of my health issues calmed when I retreated back to organic cows milk, rice and hemp milk.

"I suggest using goat or cow milk instead of soy. My mom works in a breast care unit and they are finding that soy products can actually contribute to breast cancer down the road (I believe there is estrogen in it), so she tells all of her patients to avoid it if at all possible. Hope this helps"

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answers from Raleigh on

I suggest using goat or cow milk instead of soy. My mom works in a breast care unit and they are finding that soy products can actually contribute to breast cancer down the road (I believe there is estrogen in it), so she tells all of her patients to avoid it if at all possible. Hope this helps!



answers from Philadelphia on

All my kids used soymilk and still drink it (and love it) today! and they are 10,9 and 7.

Good luck weaning!



answers from Pittsburgh on

My girls were strictly breastfeed but when it came to baby cereal I mixed it with straight water. Couldn't you just do that?



answers from Erie on

Is your daugher eating regular (big kid) cereals or still eating the oatmeal, rice and regular baby cereals ?

I used to buy powdered formula to use in baby cereal. And I used a soy based one. What I loved about it was that the cereal was powder, and the formula was, too. So all I had to do was add water for consistency and I was ready to go. (very portable, too, for babies on the move with Mom)

With my first one, I did a better job pumping, so she got breastmilk in bottles when I worked, but she always had powdered formula in her cereal. I was too worried about running out of the bottled breastmilk to hand it out in cereal, too. :-)


answers from Williamsport on

Soymilk should be fine, it only curdles when really hot. It doesn't have as many nutrients and essential fats (for brain) as milk, even if you get calcium enriched. But one month won't hurt her if you choose that. I actually started my daughter on cow's milk at 11 months after nursing because she was almost a year, and we had no problems.



answers from Philadelphia on

I used soymilk on my son before he was a year old because i lost interest in the bottle after 7 months. he did not do well with the cow's milk. to this day he still prefers soy milk. the peditrician said soy milk was fine for him to drink instead of cows milk. it will take some time for her to get used to as you call normal foods.



answers from Philadelphia on

Soy is very difficult to digest, even for adults, but especially babies. May I suggest goat's milk? Due to difficulties breastfeeding (my body just couldn't produce enough milk to satisfy them) I choose to go the goat's milk route by the suggestion of my father-in-law, who is a biomedical nutritionist. Both of my girls have been raised solely on goat's milk, and I truely believe they are healthier because of it. Goat's milk is similiar to breastmilk and not as difficult to digest as cow's milk.

If you are interested let me know. I can send you some info about it.

Good luck in your decision!

PS - Above all else, go organic. If goat's milk or cow's milk isn't your decision, go with water. But please don't use soy!



answers from Pittsburgh on

My oldest son started to wean at 11 months and my peditrician said I could go ahead and start him on cows milk. I did and he did just fine with the cows milk. Just another option you could try. Good Luck.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I think rice or oatmilk would be easier to digest than soymilk for a littlie.



answers from Philadelphia on

Dear B.,
With both of my children, i weaned them to cow's milk after 10 months old per my pediatrician's advice. As long as your baby has not had any signs of a milk intolerance or allergy, my ped assured me it was Ok to start whole milk after 10 months. I would think there is no problem with you starting cow's milk and if you prefer soymilk, then I suggest you ask your ped what are signs of soy intollerance or allergy so you can watch.

Good luck! I loved Breastfeeding and I was very happy to wean to milk.

ann m.

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