Soy Products (i.e. Tofu) for Male Toddlers?

Updated on March 18, 2010
J.R. asks from Washington, DC
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For some reason, I remember reading that soy products might not be OK for male toddlers/children. Does anyone know if soy products, like tofu, are ok for male toddlers and children. Thanks.

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So What Happened?

Thanks to all for clarifying the issue for me, as well as for the in depth information. I also appreciate the extra efforts to provide links and studies etc... I will buy tofu in moderation, like anything else, to provide a little more variety in our diets... I have not used soy milk and do not intend to. I actually like rice milk or almond milk for me and my husband if I don't feel like regular milk. Be well to all!!!!

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Ditto S.G., its soy MILK to be wary of, because once its finally put into the soy milk package, its so overprocessed that its not even soy anymore but a big box of junk that contains nothing close to soy. I would never give my children soy milk, they've never tasted it and never will. They both ate tofu, however, as babies. Its a great soft finger food, when cut into small bits.

Tofu and soy in its original state is ok in small amounts, like S.G. said even Asian people eat soy in its original or very minimally processed state in small amounts.

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America is the largest producer of Soy to keep up with the demand it is genetically altered as is most of our food. It is so over processed that it has no value...same with milk and dairy products.

It is said that dairy and soy products weakens the immune system due to the over processing. I believe it.... My daughter in law gives nothing but Soy Milk to her kids and they are constantly sick.

This also goes for grains as well. All the products in the stores are genetically altered. Stunning I know, but they have to do this to keep up with supply and demand. Cherrios.....not healthy for the kids...I know ...CRAZY....I am learning more and more. Amazing stuff out there. Keep researching and learning.

Start with these books....Eat, Move, and be Healthy....

Good luck!

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I want to point something out too b/c there is conflicting studies.

Cow's milk has always been the go to and that industry has reaped financial rewards for that.

Now people are going to goat's milk, soy milk (being the number one competitor), almond mlk, etc.

There are lots of people in other countries using soy as a staple with no issues, but are in fact enjoying LONG healthy lives.

We, however find lots of studies discouraging the use of soy.

Check out the groups that support and fund these studies. You will find that the cow's milk group would love to discourage soy use.

Just wanted to throw that in...and I use both soy and cow's milk, so I don't care either way.


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I remember reading some stuff about that a few years ago. The research is kind of shoddy. The person has to have a diet almost entirely of soy for it to be an issue. Something about the guy producing more estrogen. The original articles said that Asian don't eat more than 100g of soy a day (that's like a few tablespoons of soy sauce...hardly anything), and people are consuming way beyond that. An article in response said that 100g is for dried soybeans, but that turns into almost 2 quarts of soy milk or a lot of tofu when processed correctly. I make my own soy milk and 70 g gives me 1.5L, which is almost 2 quarts.

Soy products are consumed regularly by a very large population of Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc. Tofu is soft and squishy and often fed to babies. I don't really think it's a problem as long as it's part of a balanced diet.

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Check this out and come to your own conclusions. Also those contradictory studies that say soy is OK and previous studies are flawed due to the intake of soy in the study being much higher than what is consumed regularly is mistaken and misinformed. Try picking up a any prepared food in your kitchen or fridge and look at the ingredients......I bet at least 50% of what you by has SOY LECITHIN in it. Hummmm we consume so much and we aren't even aware....scary huh? I wonder who benefits from everything having a soy ingredient or derivative???

Soy Myths

God bless and good luck.....

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Soy, soy lecithin and all soy products should not be given to children and especially male children. It is estrogen.

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Everything in moderation. Tofu now and again is just fine, but I would be wary of a daily consumption of soy milk .

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It is true - soy is not good for males of any age. Soy promotes female hormones, so it can help or harm women, but it is definitely bad for guys/boys. Here's a link with some info

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Soy protein is great. Just make sure you don't get a brand that has been genetically modified.
My family has used Shaklee's energyzing soy protein daily for 15 years. You can find it at
My boys are 15 and 18 and it has helped keep them healthy.

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I've heard as well that soy resembles estrogen when broken down and might not be suitable for boys. My son was on soy formula and soymilk until preschool. I still use it but also use ricemilk and almondmilk.



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It's not just boys that should be careful with soy intake...and it's definitely NOT just soy milk:

I have never had soy milk in my entire life, but because I was routinely eating veggie products (Boca Burgers, Morning Star breakfast items, etc) I had fertility problems. I had to totally remove soy from my diet in order to get pregnant. As soon as I did, I became pregnant easily.

The plant estrogens in soy are very dangerous and increase the risk of fertility issues, cancers, etc. I encourage you not to give your child soy on purpose...there is more than a "moderate" amount already in our diets even when we try to avoid it. Read your food is hidden in everything!



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The reason is because soy mimicks estrogen. So while males can have soy, it's not a good idea to give them a lot of it.

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