Soy Milk Vs. Rice Milk

Updated on April 07, 2008
R.S. asks from East Haddam, CT
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I'm looking to transition my 2.5 year old from Cow's milk to soy or rice milk. She is not allergic (to dairy or soy) but I have been doing A LOT of research since my doc. has taken me off dairy and I am absolutely horrified at the physiological impact milk/dairy has on our bodies, never mind the level of pesticides/bacterium/general filth and toxins it contains. (If you don't believe me, go to or you'll be shocked.) Personally, I have noticed a differnce in my overall health and appearance since I quit dairy. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions, as my fear with putting a young child on soy milk is the possible estrogenic/goitergenic effects, (meaning it can impact hormone levels and the thyroid function. My doc (not my daughter's) said this study was unfounded and not performed on humans. I trust my doc., but know that a 2.5 year old is not the same as a 31 year old. Any advice? I DO NOT want to put her or myself on any animal's wierd and totally gross to me. We go for her 3 year check up in a few weeks, and I know her ped. is going to spew the same corporate dairy brainwashed response about milk...but I'm thinking for myself on this one...or at least I'm trying to. Thanks!

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answers from Boston on

I would go to goat milk. I can help you locate a farm in you area or you can buy powdered on Amazon or Market Basket sells it in the milk section. Here is the nutritional value:

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answers from Boston on

Hi there. I hear you about dairy - and I LOVE it, but since I am breastfeeding, I am off of it.
Personally I use rice milk - there is less chance of allergy, and no chance of manipulation of my hormones.
I also heard to stay away from soy when trying to get pregnant and when breastfeeding as it affects hormone levels, and rice milk would not do that. So why take the chance? Soy milk can also be upsetting to the stomach whether or not you have an allergy.
Just my 2 cents!

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answers from Hartford on

My son & I are both lactose intolerant. I have used both rice & goat milk (locally available at most grocery stores near me). My son actually reacted to both of those, so he now uses a potato based milk (DariFree) from Vances Foods. It tastes good, is fortified, and is very easy on the digestive tract.



answers from Portland on

Hi R.,

I'm with that gal tracey... we, too, use oat, almond and hemp milk. (Pacific brand vanilla oat is the tastiest I know) Though I haven't done it myself, I know that you can make almond milk fairly easily and I hear it's good.

Aren't we lucky to have all these options?



answers from Hartford on

Hi R.,
There is really no reason we need to have cow products in our diet. You should just look at your daughters overall nutritional intake and make sure she is getting enough calcium and D from other sources.
Personally, I would limit the soy milk for the same reasons you stated. Rice milk is tastey enough (you can get vanilla), and my kids liked it. I don't think it has much nutritional value though, considering it's a 'beverage' type drink. You can also try almond milk.
The goat milk suggestion is the best, but also purified water if your child likes to drink water. If she is getting her nutrition from the foods you feed her ( and perhaps supplements), she doesn't need any form of 'milk' to drink.

good luck,



answers from New London on

Hi R.,

My 2 1/2 yo Daughter is intolerant to cow's milk so we had to switch her off it for that reason. We originally went with rice milk as she is intolerant to soy also. I had also read all the estrogen effects of soy etc and was glad to not have that as an option. I do believe all the research on cow's milk and soy milk but only to a certain degree as you cannot believe everything you read on the net. Like I said we started with rice milk but now I only use it to cook with for her. It is basically all sugar and carbs. Not much nutrition in it and unless you buy the fortified (which can be hard to find in some stores) then it lacks enough calcium. Instead we use oat milk, almond milk and hemp milk. The hemp is the most expensive but is the most nutritious. I use the variety of the 3 that way she is getting the variety of the nutrients and doesn't get a lack of anything. She is doing very well on them. I actually started a website on the milk & soy free diet and have a page on it that is on the different milks that has more info on what each one contains per serving if you want more info. You can find it at It is a brand new site and still needs tons of work but the milk page is done. Good luck in your decision making with the milk. Like anything else...with time, trial and error, and research you'll make out fine!




answers from Boston on

what about Organic milk? I'm a preschool teacher and quite a few of the toddlers in my classroom are on that. Just a suggestion. Check out this website. Very informative.

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