Soy Milk or Rice Milk?

Updated on August 08, 2008
D.B. asks from Frisco, TX
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I have an 11 month old who doesn't seem to do well on cow's milk. He was on Nutramigen as an infant but just stopped drinking it so we are trying to get him to drink some type of milk. He is very gassy on cow's milk - no vomiting or diarrhea but it seems to make his tummy hurt. We have tried lactose free too and its a little better but not great.

Our doctor says to try Soy Milk but I've just read so many negative things about giving your children soy that I'm hesitant. And I know that Rice Milk doesn't have as much protein as cow's milk or soy milk.

Any thoughts are appreciated or past experiences!

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answers from Dallas on

My son has been drinking soy milk since he turned one. He is allergic to cow's milk. Everything I have read indicates that soy milk is healthier then rice milk.

My advice is to just do what you feel is best for now and let later take care of itself. Last year all we heard was how everyone should be drinking, not so much.

My son is 5 and very healthy (except for the dairy allergy!). Follow your gut and don't feel guilty after you make your choice.

Good luck!

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My daughter is on Silk soy milk because of allergies. I was concerned also, so I talked to her dr. He says that like with everything else, things are hyped up to freak out parents. There isn't enough estrogen in soy milk to affect your baby. Still, it is a choice you have to make.

Elizabeth does very well with the soy.

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We did allergy testing with our children as well, and not only found out what the offending foods were but also that we should alternate the foods from day to day. In your case, I would alternate one day rice and the next day soy. That is our current pattern.

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Raw Goats milk is more like mothers milk. You can call Peggy at Abundant Life in Lewisville ###-###-####. Good Luck.

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