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Updated on June 16, 2008
A.C. asks from Las Cruces, NM
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hello everyone!
my 2 month old baby was switched to soy milk a couple of weeks ago because he was allergic to milk. my question is that he has been on it for about three wks now and it still hurts him to use the bathroom. not constipated but really runny. but he crys when he goes. you know like when you eat somethin really hot and it hurts to go...ha ha...sorry but just givin an example. cuz his little but hole is always red. and i put diaper rash on there and that helps soothe him. but has anyone ever had their baby on soy milk? what did you do. cuz i really dont want to try to switch his formula again!!!

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Are you breastfeeding also? If so, you may have to eliminate dairy from your diet. I never gave formula to any of my kids but it sounds like he may be sensitive to the formula also. My kids use soy milk with their cereal but all of my kids couldn't tolerate soy until they were about 10 years old. When they were younger, I'd use rice milk with their cereal. With babies, I don't know. I only breastfed but I had to watch what I ate because it affected my kids. Especially, dairy! Good luck!



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My 8 month old daughter has always had very sensitive skin since she was born.... We have used Bordreaux Butt Paste on every diaper change and we monitor her diapers closely. We change them right away to avoid any rashes and redness... She has only had 2 rashes and the first one is how we found out her skin is sensitive and the second was from the babysitter, needless to say anyone who changes my daughter now knows that we want the Butt Paste put on her "liberally" I don't care if I have to buy it 2 times a month.... We buy it at Target they carry it in a tub, it is just under $20 and well worth it and the tub lasts longer for the money! Good luck I would try that to see if it helps coat the skin for your little one. It was actually first given to us from her Pediatrician.



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You may want to take him back or see if thier is another formula you can use. Both of my children aren't able to digest lactose(mainly cows milk), but the runs stop after we changed to soy! I believe you can also use goats milk milk in some cases, but again talk to your doctor first.So find out if there is something else you can give your baby. Are you breastfeeding by any chance?? Also you may want to try the ORIGINAL Desitin, it really sticks to the baby's bottom, and you may want to give his bottom a chance to air out(try leaving the diaper off as long as possible) after changing him to help heal the diaper rash. I hope this helps!



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They put my son on Elecare. It is an amino acid based formula for babies and children with severe allergies and digestive issues. He is now off of it. Ask if they think he should be on that. I have a case of it if you want to purchase it from me as it is very expensive. I got mine off ebay for $130 I hope he doesnt have to be on it but, you never know.



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I know you posted a while ago, but I just came across it. My daughter was/is allergic to both dairy and soy. It is very common for someone with a dairy allergy/sensitivity to not be able to tolerate soy. If nursing is not an option then you may have to switch to allimentum or other predigested formula. I hope you can find something that works. Be firm with your doctor about your concerns and don't settle for less than what is best for your baby.

M. Owers

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