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Updated on December 01, 2010
C.A. asks from Gold Beach, OR
9 answers

Is there anyone out ther who has found a baby formula with little or no soy in it??? I have only found it in the UK and Canada, they realize the dangers of soy in children but they do not ship to the U.S. Any help would be appreciated

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answers from Portland on

check out these websites. some nice options.

both of these products should be available at your local whole foods market. if they don't have the one you want then request that they bring it in, or you can always special order a whole case for yourself. you can also try new seasons.



answers from Seattle on

Maybe try taking a look a They have alot of formula listed.. and it looks like there is toll free # you can call about questions.
Best of luck,



answers from Portland on

My friend just switched to soy for her little boy. What are the dangers I haven't heard! Thanks for your help i will pass the info on to her



answers from Anchorage on

I am not sure which formulas are specifically soy free, but both of my boys where raised on Enfamil and are very healthy little boys.



answers from Portland on

Good to see you have done some research. To answer a question below, soy mimics estrogen, so boys having it is not a good thing. (My mom takes soy milk for her hot flashes and they go away, so that tells me there's something to it). I don't know of soyfree formulas, but you could go the goat milk route (enriched with multivitamins and oils to make your own formula, you can find recipes online) as babies can tolerate that from newborn stage on.


answers from Seattle on

There is a hypo-allergenic formula. Emfmil makes it. My middle son was on it for a long time. that is the only one i know of. You could also try a goat milk based formula if there is such a thing. i would try a whole foods or marlenes market for something like that. good luck!!



answers from New York on

yes!! Holle - an Australia based company sells an organic, 100% soy-free formula!! it is costly, but worth it. It does however contain corn starch...
Now, I'm not a fan of anything "corn" but it is the best commercial one availalbe to us - they ship to the US.
good luck



answers from Medford on

HI could try or google soy free formula for about 300,000 responses.

C. M Hamlin
Cave Junction OR



answers from Dallas on

I actually was intrigued by your quest for a soy-free baby formula. I thought, How could google not have the answer when you can find everything on it? Which is what i did. I googled "soyfree baby formula" and did a little research for you. I did find some helpful websites, but the formula that stood out to me was SIMILAC ALIMENTUM (Hypoallergenic Formula). It contains 1.1% Soy Oil. I researched Soy oil and basically found that it is not 100% free of the soy protein, but has an extremely slim chance of causing any kind of reaction... especially if the formula only contains 1.1%. I too have read and heard that soy based formula surprisingly has a higher allergic reaction rate than cow's milk formula. Similac Alimentum offers formula feeding to the most sensitive of babies (not a milk base or soy base formula). Good luck to you and if you need to, you can really call up any pediatric office and ask them if there is a soy-free baby formula that they know of or recommend.

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