South Bay Doctor Specializing in Chronic Fatigue

Updated on September 08, 2011
K.T. asks from Torrance, CA
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I have always been tired, but lately I can't even get out of bed, and just doing everyday things like cooking dinner exhaust me. My regular doctor doesn't believe in chronic fatigue, and I'm already taking the max dosage of antidepressants.

So, does anyone know of a good doctor in the South Bay area that specializes in chronic fatigue? The only 2 I can find are Dr. Holtorf and Dr. Chia and neither of them get very good reviews.


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answers from Los Angeles on

K. - hi! I see Dr. Wayne Wightman (Holtorf Medical Group) for chronic fatigue -and then diagnozed to have Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. Personally, I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Wightman and the Holtorf staff. They are extremely thorough, each appointment is satisfying (i never have felt rushed).
There are two issues that i should let you know - one, they don't accept any insurance however, the staff will provide you with all the paperwork you need in order to fill a claim. So far, I have had no problems obtaining my reimbursement from Anthem PPO. The other, their medications can seem to be expensive (especially the ones that are prepared in their onsite pharmacy).

I hope you find a good doctor and are able to feel healthy soon. You can email me at if you have any questions.

Good luck,



answers from Los Angeles on

I don't know if this will help you but it did for me! I am anemic, always tired and lack energy. I found something called alkaline water...It brings your body pH into balance and hydrates you 6x more than regular water not to mention all antioxidants it has! I never would drink water, only coffee and vitamin water which dehydrate you causing lack of energy, exaustion, headaches and even muscle soreness. I had know idea that water wasn't all the fact most bottled water is actually very acidic and does essentially no good other than waste money and plastic bottles that typically end up in landfills! It has changed my life and am so grateful to have energy now to keep me running after my 2 year old and 4 year old girls! Now I am sharing this with



answers from Los Angeles on

I have a great doctor in Anaheim Hills, way too far. Have you had a complete viral panel run? How many amalgams do you have (metal fillings in the mouth)? Have you done a heavy metals test (this consists of taking 2 pills at night and doing a urine test in the morning)? How about indepth hormone, thyroid, adrenal testing that will check for the 'free' and 'unbound' levels?

After suffering and having my health worsen and the fatigue getting so bad, I finally found a doctor who did all of these and what we found was chronic Epstein Barr (this is the mother of chronic fatigue), heavy metal, specifically mercury (amalgams, flu shots accumulation, sushi all my life) and that all of my systems were completely shot. It's been a long road back to better health after many years of doctors not knowing what to do and just prescribing more antidepressants, sleeping pills, etc.

Valtrex did wonders for the chronic active state of the Epstein Barr. Bio-identical Armour for the thyroid and now I use Standard Process from my acupuncturist (love this treatment the most as my acupuncurist has done the most 'curing' for me over the past year), bio-identical hormones, having all of my amalgams removed (this was done slowly and has to be done right otherwise you will get worse metal absorbtion - I was my sickest for the year after the last ones were taken out), and supplements galore.

Sorry this is so long but it was a long several years of lots of hits and misses before I started figuring out what was going on and having to change doctors. You do want to go with a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) and /or holistic approach.

On another note, have you hooked up with TACA, a support group for families of autism by families of autism?



answers from Los Angeles on

I see Holtorf medical group in Pasadena and they have been very helpful for me. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue last year. Working part time then doing things around the house almost killed me. I am now feeling and doing much better after seeing Dr. Sterrett. Good luck,



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi K., My daughter is seeing Dr. Laufer @ the Holtorf Clinic. She is battling weight issues. There were many extremely low levels of crucial nutrients, and her sleep had been affected for years, and the whole metabolic system was not functioning, so no matter how diligent she was on exercise and diet, she couldn't lose weight. Her symptoms started to include brain fog affecting school too. We are about a month or 6 weeks into the supplements and new meds (she has been showing within normal on TSH levels with the standard tests) which are addressing other levels of thyroid function.
She feels better, sleeping better and we are being patient with the weightloss. Meds are changing in a week to a higher level, so check back and I'll let you know what happens. We found Dr. Laufer to be a good listener and addresses issues and asks more questions to really dig in...also lots of blood tests to start with. We felt this was our only step, other than trying something at UCLA. Maybe that would be another place to look at for some referrals. good luck Deb



answers from Los Angeles on

K., I see Dr. Holtorf at Holtorf Medical Group and I also cannot say enough about them. Dr. Holtorf believes strongly that chronic fatigue is caused by low thyroid function. Dr. Holtorf is on the cutting edge of medicine. He reads all current research and conducts research of his own.

I'm curious where you've seen the reviews for Dr. Holtorf. I've never heard anybody say anything bad about him, and I've sent at least 10 patients to him.



answers from Los Angeles on


Here is what I read in a magazine once (I think it was Shape, or some health related magazine). Do you eat very healthy? If so, I might know what the problem is. Women who eat very healthy avoid salt/iodine, in fear they will gain weight, or that it's just not healthy. It is important to have some salt/iodine in your diet. A little bit - I'm not sure exactly how much - you can ask your doctor. These women are iodine deficient, which can cause chronic fatigue. The article said to take an iodine supplement from Kelp. Sprouts (or any health food store) sells Kelp tablets. Don't take iodine tablets - it has to be FROM Kelp for some reason, so get Kelp tablets. In addition, it said to also take vitamin A, which helps to absorb the Kelp tablets. That is supposed to help with chronic fatigue. Needless to say, eat healthy, exercise, and get plenty of sleep. Good luck!

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