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Updated on February 19, 2011
M.M. asks from San Pablo, CA
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Hi ladies,
Since my little one was born (now 1 1/2 yo) we have used a sound machine while he sleeps at night. On his naps, he listens to classical music.
My question is: Would he ever be able to sleep without any background noise and not wake up to any little sound?
If the volume is low, he only naps for a very short time (an hour or so). And during the night, he has a rain sound machine, and if its low, he wakes up a little earlier than usual 6:30 am or so. But when the volume is a little high, he'll wake up 8ish
I'm just curious as if he's always going to have to sleep with background sound machine or to his classical music

Thanks in advance

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answers from Denver on

He won't always need it. My kids have always (and still do at 3 and 4) had sound or music. It's very relaxing - I love to put them to bed and sit a while in their room. I don't think it is creating a bad habit at all... and it's not a bad habit to continue : )

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answers from Stockton on

my husband snores like a drunken buffalo, SO both of our kids have sound machines. My 6 year old son could probably sleep o.k. without it - BUT when he was 4-ish and having all those monster-in-my-closet type dreams I told him the white noise machine hurts monster's ears and they stay away from his room because of it. ;)
We live in an area that has extremely crazy windstorms in the Winter & Summer gusts up to 45mph & the machine seems to camoflage the chaos outside enough that he sleeps right through it.
I'd ditch the music and switch to something simple that you can gradually phase out if it worries you.


answers from Columbus on

My son was the same way, we would have to take the sound machine with us on every trip, what a pain! Finally right around his 3rd birthday he actually asked us to turn it off one night, and he hasn't used it since. I was sure he would wake up every time the baby cried, but it's been a few months and he's still sleeping fine.



answers from San Francisco on

I am well over 50 and have always slept to the sound of music or nature sounds. It is comforting and pleasent. I think that it comes naturally at some point but just know that all 5 of my children slept with various tpes of music as they became preteen and teen years.



answers from New York on

my son always went to sleep with white noise, and i just kind of stopped over the last few mos, he didnt even seem to notice, he goes to sleep wooooooooonderfull!



answers from Sacramento on

Hi M.,
My son, now 3yo, also slept with noise of all types while he was a baby. We did white noise, a fan, and sometimes music. He had reflux, so we did whatever would work. Now, at 3, he can sleep without the fan with no problem. We usually still run one on low, barely noticeable just to circulate air in his room (it gets too warm in his room). But I was surprised that for a little boy that would not sleep at 1yr without his noise, and he would wake up if I walked in and made any noise.... now I can walk in, turn on the light, make noise... he is OUT.
My husband thought he would be hooked on the fan, but he'll sleep fine without it. My daughter is 16mos and she sleeps with a fan to drown out the noise of the 3yo.... I hope she will also out grow it. She'll still wake up if I walk in b/c the door makes a "pop" noise. We'll see... But I wouldn't worry about it. I just do what works for the time and realized that they change so much and their needs change. Good luck and enjoy his nap times while you have them!



answers from San Francisco on

My mom ran a fan on low with my brother now 30 years later he still has to have a fan to sleep.

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