Sound Machine and / or Kids Alarm Clock

Updated on February 04, 2012
S.H. asks from Harvest, AL
4 answers

My husband and I sleep with a sound machine (white noise/waterfall sound). We'd like to either get ourselves a new one and give our daughter our current one. Or perhaps get our daughter a kids one that is also an alarm clock?

She is almost 6 years old. I was thinking she could start having her own alarm clock to wake her up for school. Tell her she can't come get us until the alarm goes off! LOL And it would be cool if it included a sound machine so we wouldn't have to give her 2 machines.

Any recommendations? Anything to stay away from? I looked at a couple sound machines on Amazon that I thought were neat, but then they didn't have great reviews.

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answers from Lexington on

My daughter liked one like this. It has the little added feature of "sunrise" although it is not bright - just like any other little lamp.

BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model with White Noise

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answers from Detroit on

If you can't find a sound machine/alarm clock combo, consider getting an alarm clock that also has a CD player. You can get sound CDs that you can play on a loop or have them end when they're over so they don't play all night.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi S.,
get her the sound machine. Kids don't hear alarm clocks very well. (also fire alarms, that's why you're supposed to go get the kids because they sleep right through it) at least that has been our experience. I think the kids have a better day when they wake up slowly and gently. Alarm clocks are so abnoxious! good luck! who knows, she might actually hear the alarm clock.... it did not work in our house.

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answers from Birmingham on

I love our sound machine too. We recently bought our daughter a Conair one from Target 20th bucks. She keeps hers on the white noise also but it has a bunch to select from. The only bad thing we had to occur with one in the past was the alarm clock/sound machine/radio combo would have static feed come in on it loud .. sort of like when you have your cell phone laying near an office system telephone or something (if you've heard that before). It starts ticking thru the intercom when a call or signal is coming in. It will definitely interrupt a good sleep so I vote to separate machines have to work for us.

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