Sorry!!! I Am Looking for a Good Midwife and Hospital to Deliver My Baby.

Updated on June 23, 2011
E.R. asks from Cicero, IL
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Hi Moms,

I should off been more specific on what I am looking for. I had a midwife for both my kids and I loved them. I also had natural labor for both my kids it was the best thing that I ever did. I dont know about a male doctor but if I know of a very good one I will go for it. I really would like to stay with a midwife. I due want to have a natural birth with this one also. I heard that some hospitals have there seperate natural birthing centers and that is what I want for this baby, specially that is might be my last one.

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So What Happened?

Hi Ladies,

I really truly want to thank all of your responses. They all mean allot to me and my family. I am very excited about this pregnancy it was kind off planned and for sure wanted.

We decided to go with West Suburban Hospital I went online and read all of the services that they provide for natural birth and it all fit in my expertise. It's also close to home.

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i dont know where you live, but Debbie Lesnick CNM works out of st. francis hospital as well as evanston hospital. she is affiliated with Dr. Jacob Saleh.

Good luck!


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Hello! My husband and I just had our 4th baby almost 6 mos. ago. It has always been important to me to have natural(without meds) childbirth, and I did it with all four.I have experienced hospital birth, birthing center(both in Oregon), and a home birth and hospital birth with midwife here in Illinois.

I have a wonderful midwife to recommend!!!

It was a great hospital birth, at Evanston Hospital with a certified nurse midwife, Kathy Puls! One of the things I loved most was knowing that I would see her at each appointment and for delivery. She is in a group of doctors, that are available to assist in an emergency, but she is independent in the sense that you don't rotate through various doctors, and end up with the luck of the draw when you go into labor! She is wonderful. It is so reassuring to see one person for your care, and know that she will be there when the time comes.

I have recommended her before, and I always will.

She is very thoughful and attentive, always has time to answer questions, and really provide support in a personal way. I never felt like she had one foot out the door during an appointment, always took her time... Also, very easy to reach and leave messages for as well.

During labor and delivery it was like have a doula and midwife, nurse, doctor, friend, all rolled into one, helping me through the most difficult stages of labor. My husband was there, and could support me during delivery, while I felt very taken care of, as she stayed with me the entire time. She was really serving me throughout labor, bringing me water, asking if I needed something to eat, roaming the halls with me, bringing me blankets, preparing the water in the tub in my room, and so on. She was phenomenal. I would recommend her unconditionally! Very supportive of how I wanted the birth experience to be.

I also have to mention that I chose to do cord blood banking. She collected the cord blood and got an amazing amount of cells. They were really impressed at the cord blood bank! It was the first time I had done that!

Because I wanted no separation from my baby, she stayed in the room with us, and gave our baby her first bath right there in the delivery room. That was special for me to be able to be there for that.

A couple of months after I found out that one of the mom's from my son's Kindergarden class delivered all four of her babies with Kathy Puls! I understand why!

I hope you will go see her. I was so glad I did.

I have seen doctors that I did not have a good experience with. That's why I'm taking the time to recommend Kathy Puls.

Anyhow, I could go on and on, but here's her info, and you can judge for yourself. At each appointment they schedule an ample timeslot and you never feel like she's rushing out.

Partners in Womencare
Obtetrics and Gynecology/Nurse Midwifery

Katherine S. Puls, C.N.M., M.S.
Certified Nurse Midwife

1000 Central Street, Suite 752
Evanston, Illinois 60201
fax ###-###-####

Last but not least, the office staff are also the best I have encountereed in the state of illinois! Very polite and friendly. I knew the first time I called, that I had been sent to the right place! and they're right next to the hospital!
Hope you find what you're looking for!
Best Regards,

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I used the midwives at UIC for my sons birth 10 months ago (natural and drug free!). Charity Cooper and Kathleen Harmon are excellent. I know that there is another midwife group there too, but I don't know any of their names, but have heard good things about them.

Good Luck!

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I used the West Suburban Midwives in Oak Park on Lake Street. Hillary Kaiser delivered both of our children. We also had natural births at the birthing suites at West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park. I did the water birth and thought it was wonderful.

Good Luck and Congratulations!



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I had PPO for my first child (born 2005) and had a natural birth with a midwife (Debbie Lesnick) at St. Francis. It was a very good experience. For my second childe I had blueadvantage HMO for my second child (born 2006). BlueAdvantage HMO does not have any midwifes on their plan in the area unfortunately. However, I found a group of doctors who I really liked, and who often do natural births. I had a wonderful experience with my second birth as well, and the doctor was very good and advocated for all of my wishes (e.g., getting the baby right away after birth, having nurses postpone procedures for half an hour after birth). There are three doctors in the practice (2 women, 1 man), and I really liked them all. Their office is at Rush Northshore on Golf and Gross Point Road in Skokie, but I think they also deliver at St. Francis as well. The name of the practice is Comprehensive Healthcare for Women. (847) 933-39569669 Kenton Ave Ste 550, Skokie.



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My understanding is that Illinois doesn't have separate birthing centers, which is really too bad, as that seems like a great concept.

I used the midwifery practice at Swedish Covenant Hospital. I was very happy with my pre-natal care and my birth and pretty pleased with the hospital stay. I got lots of support for a natural birth and breastfeeding from the nurses and nurse midwives. I definitely recommend them.

I've also heard West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park has a good midwifery practice but I don't have any personal experience with it.



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I interviewed several midwives when pg w/ my first. These are the best around!

My midwives are:
Gayle Riedmann, CNM
Hillary Kieser, CNM
Julie Marks, CNM
West Suburban Midwife Associates
715 Lake Street, Suite 273
Oak Park, Illinois 60301
Phone ~ ###-###-####
Their website is a little out of date. But it still has their services and philosophy.

I think it's important that they are the only hospital-based midwives that OWN their own practice. They are not employees of doctors.

For a hospital birth, I like the alternative birthing center at West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park
Phone: 877-WEST SUB

The Alternative Birthing Center (ABC), located within Irvin & Margaret Houck Family Birthing Centre at West Suburban Hospital, is the only Center of its kind in the western suburbs. It offers all the comforts of home to help expectant mothers, and their families, feel at ease. In addition to the water-birthing tub for labor and delivery, each alternative birthing room includes a queen size bed for family bonding; full bath; TV and stereo; refrigerator; and microwave.

Nothing else compares!



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I had a good experience with the Midwives at Swedish Covenant Hospital for my last child 11 months ago. I delivered with Sherri Ruerrup, but saw all of them during my pregnancy, and like them all. They do not have alternative birthing rooms, but they do have jucuzzi tubs to labor in. I have heard that Illinois Masonic has ABC rooms, and I know that they midwives at Northwestern Medical Group do water births. A friend delivered at Northwestern with the midwives and had a good experience.

Good Luck



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I used west suburban midwives as well and had an awesome experience...



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Where do you live?

West Suburban Midwife Associates are amazing. Gayle Riedman, Hillary Kieser, Julie Marks....



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I delivered naturally at Illinois Masonic and the midwives there were great. They offer birthing centers and I also worked with a doula.



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West Suburban Midwives is a good spot. They are a great team of midwives and the hospital has an alternative birthing center with a tub if you want a water birth, a regular sized queen bed, a squatting chair, shower..its nice and convenient if you live in Oak Park.



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Also look in to Midwest Midwifery:

GOod luck!!! :)



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I use West Suburban Midwives in Oak Park and all three of them are wonderful. West Suburban in Oak Park has a great alternative birthing center with queen size beds and water births and anything else you could want for a natural and relaxing experience.

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