Sore Throat Relief for Mamas

Updated on February 09, 2011
L.A. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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First time mama here. I'm 35 with a 4 m.o. son, and just back to work. I guess winter has gotten the better of me because I have the first signs of a cold. Heavy eyes, a sore throat, and swollen nodes, and stuffy ears. I'd ordinarily take some chloroseptic, and theraflu, but I'm breast feeding.

* Any suggestions on how to nip this in the bud?
* Any tried and true organic/ home remedies?
* Any tips for staving off more colds down the line?
* Any ideas on how to prevent baby from catching it?
* Any tips on how to treat baby's symptoms should he catch it off of me?
* Any thoughts re: delsym (sp?)

Thanks a bunch and here's to a healthy winter.

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answers from Jamestown on

use Braggs vinegar with the mother in it. 2TB per glass of filtered water....drink down glasses of it throughout the day. it helps! =)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Gargle with warm salt water. It does work and relieves the pain for awhile. Repeat as often as needed.

Wash your hands. Avoid kissing. Add in taking vitamin C and garlic pills into your daily routine.

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answers from Harrisburg on

apple cider vinegar diluted with equal parts water, garlic tea



answers from Scranton on

i always make hot tea with milk and sugar then i crush half of honey menthol cough drop and stick it in my tea and mix

there is really nothing that you can do to keep the baby from catching it because you always have to touch them to care for them. just dont breath on him kiss him ect.

good luck fighting it off :)



answers from Spartanburg on

Hot milk with (real) honey melted in it...natural anti-bacterial, every night before you go to bed....try it!



answers from Denver on

Teaspoon of honey for the throat. Salt water is great too! I would defintely put a warm mist humidifer in your bedroom and take a long steamy shower if you can. Hope you feel better.


answers from St. Louis on

I would google "how to build up your immune system" - I swear by eating lemon/sqeezing lemon juice into water and drinking it. Lemons balance your PH and all sorts of scientific things I couldn't begin to explain. I also find relief in gargling salt water. Also, plenty of sleep of course. If you are breast feeding, you are giving the baby antibodies which help prevent baby from getting sick. It is the best thing you can do for baby! Also, a humidifier for each bedroom may be helpful.

Good luck!


answers from Norfolk on

Rinse your nose out with a neti pot using warm saline s often as you want to. For that awful itchy throat pain, try taking a pinch of salt, look straight up, open up your mouth wide as you can and sprinkle the salt on the back of your throat. It will take the pain away for a little while.
Chicken soup/broth is great. You can put a heating pad around your neck. That makes me feel better when my nodes are swollen.
You'll get through this!



answers from New York on

For the sore throat, gargle with warm salt water. You also may want to sip on a warm beverage to relieve some of the discomfort.



answers from Redding on

There are things you can take that are perfectly safe for your baby. Just call the pediatrician's office and ask them.
Also, since you are breastfeeding, chances are pretty good that your baby won't catch your cold. Just be really sure to wash your hands frequently. And, don't rub or touch your eyes. Cold germs can be respread to yourself by doing that.
Drink good orange juice or eat oranges for the vitamin C.
Gargle with warm salt water.
Another trick for a sore throat that works great for kids too is to drink warm jello. Just dissolve it in hot water and drink it like tea. It's really soothing.
Tea with lemon and honey can help.
Have some warm soup.

Keep your hands good and washed.
Best wishes to you.


answers from Las Vegas on

Airborne to prevent colds or to stop one that you are just getting or to help one that's full on there.
Preventing a baby catch- wash your hands, clorox wipe things you touch
I agree with the vinegar in the water by a poster below. It helps with a lot of things.

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