Sore Throat/cough

Updated on December 10, 2010
S.P. asks from Nashville, TN
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My 2 year old has been having a runny nose past few days and i have been giving her benadryl, tylenol cough and cold, and pain reliever for runny nose, cold, cough, sore throat. And now since yesterday she has been having a sore throat and coughs just ever now and then. I think its worse at night when shes sleeping. SO i have given her the tylenol cough and cold for that and the pain reliever and neither seems to be working and her nose is still running:( Does anybody no what i can give a a 2 1/2 year old for her sore throat, cough, and runny nose??? and that worked quick. thanks

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So What Happened?

They make a childrens benadryl and i was using benadryl to dry up her nose first. Im not giving her the whole dose i 1/2 it. My mom is a nurse and i always call her to see what i can give and how much. Im also not giving her the pain reliever and tylenol at the same time. Im also waiting 6 to 8 hours before i give her another dose. even though it says 4 to 6 hours.

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I didn't think you were supposed to give kids cough medicine-esp that young. You do not want to supress the cough. Plus it is easy to use to much and then be very dangerous. I also don't think you are supposed to use Benadryl for colds.

I don't remember when kids can start with honey...but I just read a study that found it to be JUST as effective as cough medicine.

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi S.,

Elderberry syrup will help. It actually builds the immune system so the body can fight off the cold. Even though what you are giving her can help with symptoms, they are synthetic chemicals and can weaken the immune system so the root of the problem will stay longer.Elderberry syrup tastes good (my girls swear it's what Mary Poppins gave Jane and Michael, lol) and it can be given by spoon or put in a cup of warm tea. There are other things like echinacea but you have to remove all sugar from her diet for that to be effective.

You can get elderberry at the local health store and they can give you the proper dosage. I use a spray that has melaleuca oil in it for the pain on the throat. It is actually healing to the irritate tissue. If you're interested in that, PM me and I can give you more info...



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try a humidifier with medicated drops to put in the water...give it a icy hot scent they tend to help me

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Please call the doctor. I don't think that benadryl is safe for a toddler. Also, decongestions are not recommended at this size either.

My little one (22 mos) has been experiencing the same lately. We steam up the bathroom and give her a warm bath before bed time. This seems to help a lot of the stuff drain before we lay her down. We put a pillow in bed with her to prop her up a little bit. We also rub vicks on her chest and the bottom of her feet (sounds strange but it helps). We give her lots to drink all day to keep her hydrated. And give hers lots of love and cuddles.
We don't keep the house really warm at night, we just bundle up our babies. But if you do run your heater a lot it is really important that you put a humidifier in her room. The heat dries things out and she will cough more.
I know it is awful when your little one is no feeling good. I hope she is better soon.

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BUCKWHEAT honey is as effective as any commercial cough syrup -- it's all we use for any cough and it's safe to give children after their first birthday. Don't know what grocery stores you have in your area, but Food City has it, although sometimes it's with the other honey and sometimes you have to look in the specialty foods section. Other grocery stores and/or health food stores probably have it, too. It's a little strong, but both of my kids like it. We use 1 tsp in the morning and one at bedtime. If the cough is really bad, you can give a dose midday as well.

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answers from Charlotte on

honey is good for cough and may also help soothe the throat

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answers from Raleigh on

I would take her in to make sure it isn't strep first. Maybe the doctor can make suggestions if it isn't strep as to what to take. But if it isn't strep I think you mostly have to wait until her body is able to fight it off.

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Have you checked to make sure it's not strep throat? I have had it twice in the last couple of weeks and I also have a cough to go along with it , which as always is worse at night.

Hope she feels better soon

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answers from Huntington on

Slippery Elm Bark tea, sweetened w some local honey, Echinacia/goldenseal in any form
Elderberry in any form
A spoon of local honey mixed with lemon juice
use onions & garlic liberally in their food
lots of vit C-rich foods
Hold all milk products, except yogurt & kefir

1. honey should NEVER be given to infants, but is safe enough by their 1st birthday!
2. goldenseal is in the ragweed family, some people are allergic to it. It is a good immune-builder, if allergies don't run in yor family.

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You need to talk to your doctor because a lot of medicines are no longer considered safe for children of that age (some now say not for under 6 years old). Also, Tylenol Cough and Cold has the pain reliever in it so if you are giving her both you are over medicating. Also, the active ingredients in the TC&C may actually be duplicatin the benadryl. You really need to watch the "all in one" medicines if you are giving other things or if they don't need any one of the ingredients in the combination.

The runny nose can also mean post nasal drip which can cause a sore throat, as can nasal congestion (because you then breath through your mouth). It can also cause the coughing. So, if you find the reason for the runny nose you can fix that and the rest should resolve. Our doctor recommended Children's Clairtin but you have to check w/ your doctor.

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answers from Raleigh on

Honestly, at age two I would not have given my daughter anything for those symptoms. She is almost four and I still don't. I believe cough and cold meds are not supposed to be given until age four and up. Sometimes i give her Tylenol when she has a really high fever, but at these ages it is important for them to fight it off themselves. Keep her hydrated and check for wet diapers/potty time and lots of fluids will help. Also, saline nasal spray for little noses, and a cool mist humidifier. Good luck!

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cold mist vaporizer and vicks, and a good warm shower with you before bed.
Call the doc for a sugg on a cough med.

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answers from Honolulu on

that's a lot of miscellaneous stuff to give her.

A "cold" runs its course in about 7-10 days.
If it gets worse.... at any time, or develops a fever etc., then a secondary infection may have formed.

OTC stuff, will NOT 'cure' the cold... it only alleviates discomfort. So of course, she STILL has symptoms, because she is still sick.

Cough/cold/pain relievers... are usually only either not recommended or only allowed... if your Doctor says so. Because there is a chance of over dosage... in a child so young and small or per their weight....

Take her to the Doctor...

all the best,



answers from Nashville on

What worked for my 3 year old and what the pharmacist recommended wa publix brand DibrommDM. It is for older children so the pharmacist instructed me to give her only half a teaspoon, 3/4 the most. The stubborn cough stopped and she wasn't even sleepy!

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