Sore Throat

Updated on November 19, 2008
C.C. asks from Brick, NJ
9 answers

Hi! I have a 14 m/o son who has pneumonia with a wicked cough. Because of this his throat hurts really bad to the point I can tell it's hard for him to swallow. Is there annything you can do for a sore throat in a little one? I did put a humidifier in his room which helped a little, and even though he is over 1 I'm staying away from honey a little longer because he also has asthma and now is not the time to test him. I'd appreciate any other ideas. Thanks in advance.

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answers from New York on

Michelle - in case you check back - people are rarely hospitalized for pneumonia anymore overall. C. - in case you are worried about that - it's better he be at home anyway - there are FAR more germs in the hospital than at home!

My question is - is he on antibiotics for the pneumonia? If he is - make sure he's eating yogurt with LIVE cultures in it. Antibiotics strip the body of certain bacteria and the yogurt helps replenish them (but the live cultures are necessary). Stonyfield makes great organic yogurt with live cultures and no additives like aspartame.

BUT - antibiotics can also create a condition called Thrush - it is a yeast infection that grows in the mouth and/or throat. Look in his mouth - if you can! If it is bright red - I mean bright red, or has white patches - it may be thrush. The MD can check also - there is a nystatin wash that they can give you for it. But - if he's been on antibiotics - that may be what's causing the sore throat. Thrush can be very painful.

Good luck to you and your little guy!



answers from New York on

Even though it means swallowing, lots of liquids, if he likes them cold it might help.



answers from New York on

When my son had a throat infection where he could not swallow, the pediatrician suggested ice cream! Little spoonfuls will help numb the sensitive area and will give him some relief. Can't hurt and it is a great source of calcium!



answers from New York on

As a child, I constantly suffered from swollen glands and strep throat. Keeping the throat moist helped alot. This meant drinking a lot of liquids, either cold or warm - AVOID MILK. Encourage him to take tiny sips and You may also want to give him ice chips or treat him to an italian ice.

I also think Vicks Vapo-Rub is great, however, I'm not sure if it's recommended for infants.



answers from New York on

Have you given him tylenol or ibuprofen? My oldest has asthma too so I know how nerve wracking it can be. I hope he feels better soon!!! Just check with his doctor for the proper dose to give. Good luck.



answers from Elmira on

I just read on last night that honey is the best home remedy for a sore throat and cough. A 1/2 teaspoon can be given every few hours.

hope that helps-



answers from Syracuse on

They sell sore throats lolipops at the pharmacy...all natural...I also love vicks babyrub for my lil one when he's got a cold/runny nose...I also freeze juice in popcicle containers(or icecube trays with a stick).



answers from Rochester on

Just one thing stood out for me:

Your son has pneumonia and is home? What is your doctor's reasoning? I'm just really curious about this; most adults are hospitalized for this condition (Unless I am behind the times and HMO's have kicked them all out, but a 14 month old baby?)

Sore throat - does your son drink water on a regular basis? Even if you flavor it a little (10:1 OJ or other fruit juice, extremely watered down) on the second bottle.

The only thing I can think of is what I do for my son: he LOVES frozen foods. He eats his peas/green beans/pancakes/cubed fruit/carrots/finger veggies all frozen. He's teething, and this gives him extra relief - Tylenol/Motrin doesn't always cut the mustard. I don't warm up any foods for him, really; though he does get pancakes off the griddle occasionally.

My son has been eating frozen foods for months now, and he is only 14 mos, same as yours. He gums them and swallows, same as the unfrozen, so it is not a choking hazard.

Good luck!



answers from Rochester on

Try popsicles or sips of very cold juice or water to sooth his throat. Check with his pediatrician for other ideas. Did the doctor say you could give him Tylenol? That might help with the pain, too. Best of luck to you... the poor little guy!

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