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Updated on May 04, 2012
D.P. asks from Sacramento, CA
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Does anyone have any good home remedies for a sore throat? My poor daughter says here throat hurts really bad. Thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

Well she does like warm tea with honey and I added the lemon, she did not like. :( I will try some of the other options tomorrow if it is still bothering her! Thanks! Keep the suggestions coming!

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answers from Dallas on

I know a lot of people that gargle a weak solution of salt water and swear by it.

Hope she feels better soon!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Not all kids would like this, but you could try some hot tea with honey and lemon juice in it.

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answers from Detroit on

I also second the Hot tea w/honey.

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answers from San Francisco on

Warm or hot tea with honey is the best.
Also, just a sppon full of honey if needed.
Hope she feels better soon!



answers from San Francisco on

Gargling with Salt and warm water helps but this is going to sound gross, but apple cider vinegar and warm water will almost wipe out any sore throat in a day. Make sure they don't swallow and don't over pour the vinegar. It has to be the brownish colored one not the white. Chloroseptic works...but only for a moment. The vinegar is my dads old home remedy and it is only used if you have a super duper bad sore throat. It is yucky tasting but really works. P.S.If she is a little one though...she will not do it!!



answers from Pittsburgh on

My 9 year old refuses to try the salt water gargle--even though I know it would help.

But he will have tea, honey, lemon.

I've been told that half cider vinegar/half honey, taken by the teaspoon is a miracle--but that might be a hard sell!

Have you tried vitamin C drops/other throat lozenges?

Ice pops, ice cream, frozen yogurt, etc.



answers from Modesto on

My friend just found out she has *really* bad strep throat, and both her girls do too. I would get it checked out just in case.

PS, I love the honey/lemon "tea" drink. The lemon is especially good for congestion if her sore throat is from a cold or postnasal drip from allergies.

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