Sore on Toddlers Tongue

Updated on November 01, 2011
B.B. asks from De Witt, IA
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Hi moms,
My almost 3 year old woke up this morning with a small white bump on her tongue. I'm not sure if it is a canker sore, but it is very painful for her. She didn't eat all day/barely drank (even with a straw, which I read is recommended). The white spot spread a little during the day and is now a medium size. Does anyone know how to treat this? Should I take her to the doctor? She vomits every time I try to give her medicine to help relieve some of the pain (just because she doesn't like the taste). I've tried putting medicine (tylenol) in her drink, but since she not taking in much fluid, it's not helping any. I'm not sure if thetre is anything I can put on it to treat it, or if I'm better off letting it run its course.
Thanks for any advice!!

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answers from Austin on

Do you think it could just be an ulcer on her tongue?

You can make a little paste of Cream of Tarter and place it on the ulcer..

Hope it gets better.

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answers from Kansas City on

Ugh...I hope for your sake it's not hand, foot and mouth.

My first thought actually was an inflamed taste bud. I've had those multiple times before and they hurt! I think a 3 y/o would find it especially painful and not quite know how to deal with it. They look like white bumps right on your tongue. I don't know why they get inflamed but sometimes they just do. It usually takes a day or two for them to feel better and eventually they will go away. I'm not sure on how to get her to eat...maybe try popsicles and ice cream? It's not a great diet, but at least maybe you'll get some fruit juice and some milk in her!

If you are at all concerned about other symptoms then I'd probably call the doc in the morning.

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answers from Sioux City on

Check her ands and feet for tiny red spots. It could be hand foot and mouth virus. If it is, the doctor may be able to get you some magic mouth wash that I just swabbed my little ones mouth with. Ambisol works too. We had that hit our house recently. It could also be strep throat. Some of mine will get blisters on their tongue from that. Try to keep her hydrated. Popsicles work great.

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answers from Denver on

I would call the Dr and get their opinion. If it's keeping her from eating, have it checked out. Hope she feels better soon


I would call the Dr and get their opinion. If it's keeping her from eating, have it checked out. Hope she feels better soon

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answers from Los Angeles on

Okay so it doesn't sound like she bit her tongue.
I'd say call the doctor to be sure.

I started getting canker sores as a 21 yr old.
I have to use topical anbesol/orajel.
Ask your ped if you can use baby orajel.

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answers from Houston on

Does she have a fever, or not acting herself? If the sores multiple, it could be hand, foot mouth disease, which is very contagious.This link has tons of info for you though:

Aside from that, I can't think of anything else, unless she bit her tongue or it's an ulcer something. I would at the very least call the nurses line at your pediatrician. Make her some jello and popsicles, they should help give her some fluids.

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answers from Tampa on

Replace her toothbrush.

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answers from Minneapolis on

It may be coxackie (hand, foot, and mouth), but that doesn't always come with the spots/blisters on hands and feet. My daughter has had it 3 times and had the blisters on her hands and feet only once. My son has had it twice and never had involvement with hands and feet, but they always had a fever for the first day. The treatment of choice for it, or for a canker sore at this age, is to mix equal parts liquid Tylenol and antacid, like Maalox, and brush it on the sore(s) with a swab. She may have fun mixing it in a cup (don't reuse any extra, so use very small portions). To get fluids in her, try this: Play "baby bird." Use your finger to trap liquid in the straw, then have her hold her head back and let the fluid drop into her mouth, bypassing her tongue to her throat. Or put an ice cube in a net bag and let her suck on it.

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