Sore Breasts Nearly All Month Long!

Updated on October 12, 2013
S.S. asks from Douglasville, GA
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Fyi I'm 32yrs old and always have had a regular period. 30 days. Always ovulate on day 14. Been trying to conceive baby#2 for 14 months.... so if someone says "stop thinking about it and it will happen...." easier said then done! When you know your body so well you always know when certain times of the month mean your fertile and when you aren't! ... so. My breasts always hurt around day 24 and hurt for just 2 days, then stop hurting, then I get my period on day 30. This month, I ovulated on day 12 which is early, and by day 16 I'm not kidding my breasts have hurt since. It's day 26 and I'm experiencing intermittent hardness, tenderness, stuff like that. Why would they be like that so early in the month? Could I maybe be pregnant? Have you ever experienced the intermittent breast tenderness? Not always but sometimes? With daughter I never had breast tenderness for 41wks! Thanks in advance!

Someone just asked me about caffeine intake? And it's slim. Like maybe maybe MAYBE one soda per week. Maybe if that. And I only eat chocolate near my period when I really want it :)

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So What Happened?

Wasn't pregnant, just attributed it to estrogen, perhaps.

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How's your caffeine intake? Too much can cause this. Even chocolate.

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I had breast tenderness with my 4th child. I had never experienced anything like it before. Fingers crossed for you.

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it's a tough call. Really. Each and every pregnancy is different.

I know and TOTALLY understand the easier said than done...I've been there...try 3.5 years. It's NOT easy. You are consumed with trying to conceive. Your body is in flight or fight mode due to the stress you are under TRYING to conceive.

Take a pregnancy test. Go to the doctor and ask for a blood test. I wish I could tell you "YES!! You're pregnant" but I can't.

Good luck!

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Time will tell!
Breast tenderness was always the first sign for me.
Good luck!!!



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Tender breasts was one of the earliest signs I had both times I was pregnant.

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