Sons' Birthday Party and in Need of Kids

Updated on April 14, 2010
B.H. asks from Detroit, MI
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Both my sons 5 and 3 years old birthday is in July. One on the 7th and the other on the 23rd. last year we went to the zoo and the movies. This year I would like to have a big party for them and invite kids. The problem is I don't know many parents who have kids my kids age. I have at least 5 kids n within or family that are in their age range but most are much older.
there are kids on our block who are my kids age but my husband and I work and have such busy schdules we don't associate with or neighbors too much. Maybe between my husband and I we might be able to come up with a few names from co-workers. I guess it's sort of sad. I don't know how we have become so anti-social.LOL
I was wondering if it would be weird to try and invite kids from our sons' school even though we don't know the parents?
I want create a fun party for them.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your responses. I'm sort of new to this.
I will invite the kids from my son's preschool. However, it might be different with my 5 year old since school is out in June and his birthday is in July my only worry is we might not get any takers. In any event I will talk with his teacher and see how I can get some addresses.

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answers from Seattle on

I know you already got responses, but I wanted to share what we did. For my son's 5th birthday we had it at a museum and invited all the kids from his pre-school class. We actually didn't think everyone would come- all but one came. It helped us get to know other families. It got my son some invites to other parties and it set up connections for playdates. One thing that was really nice is how many parents we had just met stuck around and helped with cleaning up. My son felt really special that day.

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answers from San Francisco on

Our kids have been invited to 4 parties in 4months at daycare, they currently are going part time. It is perfectly fine to invite kids from his school. One of the parties we went to was neat, it was for a girl and had a candyland theme with great decorations. The downside was that it was for a 3 yr old so most were 2-5 (daycare is from infant to 5). There was tons of candy and we couldn't keep our 1 1/2a nd 3 1/2 yr old away from the candy. They also had peanuts. Please don't have peanut anything since you won't know if any kid has allergies. My son does but we kept him away.

You could put on the invite "RSVP with kids ages and any allergies so you can better prepare for food if they bring bigger/littler brothers and sisters with them. If they know the ages of both your kids they will be more inclined to bring their kids litltle brother/sister too which would be good for your 3 year old.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I don't think it would be strange to invite the kids from school - we haven't met many of the parents of the kids who attend the same day care as our kids do, but we've received invitations, gone to parties, and have gotten to know people.

My only caution with a big party is that being a gracious hostess becomes your primary responsibility, and you may not get to enjoy the celebration of your kids' birthdays.

In the end, as long as they have fun, I hope you're able to come-up with a good group of people to invite and enjoy it along with them.

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answers from Seattle on

Well it is a party for your kids, and if they spend time with the kids from school, you should invite the kids from school. Especially if you want a big party with lots of kids. This is a great time for you to meet/get to know the parents. Who knows, you might find a family that you could have play dates with or something.

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answers from Kansas City on

My son just had his birthday and invited all of the boys from his class and I only knew 3 of the parents and they just dropped off their kids and left so no big deal invite his friends.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yep, invite the classmates! We do for our daughter, who is in preschool, and we've been invited to many of their parties, as well.

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answers from Dallas on

I always invited the kids from school, even though no one ever came because we lived 30 minutes from our daycare. I put them in near where I worked so I could get to them faster for emergencies. Now I also invite kids from church. It is a great way to get to know the parents of the kids your sons play with every day.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

If you really want a big "to do" you'll need to invite kids whose parents you don't know. It'll be great! Your sons will get to have their school and/or neighborhood friends there and you will have the opportunity to meet the parents. BTW, most parents of this age children will not do the "drop and run" at birthday parties. Most of them will hang out for the whole party, so keep that in mind as you plan. Also, attention spans are short and many of the kids are still napping so if the party runs too long or there aren't enough things to do or there is too much to do (overstimulation), you will have meltdowns.
Have a great time planning.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

It' pretty much normal to invite classmates. The kids can pass out the invites at school as long as everyone is invited (the rule for our schools) otherwise the teacher might be able to give you addresses.



answers from Dallas on

What about doing an end of the year party for your school aged son ? That way you can meet the parents & kids and maybe get contact info so he could have play dates during the summer in addition to his birthday party ?

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