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Updated on August 09, 2011
I.M. asks from New York, NY
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Sorry I am asking many language questions but my daughter is in that age group now.

My daughter is asking me if it is okay to Listen to songs with bad language. Or watch videos with vulgar parts. She likes certain singers but they make not very good videos like Katy perry

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I think it's a parent's responsibility to determine what is and what is not appropriate for their kids.
Chances are, if you're questioning it--it's not appropriate.

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answers from Providence on

how old? Anyways, I can answer your question maybe a little. My husband's favorite song for the moment is Cee Lo's "F*** You " song. Although you know what word is stated in the original version, my son is old enough to know better, but we play the censored version. I know that most songs that are on the radio are censored. However, when it comes to videos, that show vulgar parts, I don't allow him to watch it. Especially the ones that are " artistic" such as Lady Gaga, or have a lot of violence, sexual suggestion in them .At 7, he isn't old enough to understand, nor comprehend it.



answers from New York on

Are you kidding? It's absolutely not ok. You should forbid your daughter from listening to any material that is inappropriate (including movies, videos, songs, or sitcoms). And you need to explain to her that it is inappropriate and why.



answers from Buffalo on

You didn't mention how old your daughter is! It is going to be increasingly hard to keep her from not listening to "popular" music, since all of her friends will. For me, it would depend on what type of music we are talking about. Some is extremely violet, sexual, raciest, etc... That, I would not allow. (Because it goes against everything I believe in!) I would also listen to what it is my daughters want to listen too, and talk to them about the thing in the songs. If she knows enough to ask if it's ok, there's a good chance she already is headed in the right direction. She knows the words, etc, are not the normally excepted words. Use your best judgment as to whether what she's listening to is except able!



answers from Los Angeles on

I don't, but many of my friends do. My daughter is 4.5 and quite sensitive. I'm on the extreme where we don't have a TV. We listen to A LOT of music but I don't think bad language is appropriate. Violence is not acceptable to me, completely unnecessary at this age. We have videos,

The question I ask myself when my I choose what my daughter is exposed to (at this point) is what value does this have for her? Is this promoting pro-social behavior? Is this benefiting her in any way?



answers from New York on

You said that she's in that age group but I don't know what that age group is. Elementary school girls like Katy Perry. What type of bad language do you mean? Is she elementary school aged, middle school aged, a teenager? I wouldn't want young kids hearing swearing or watching videos that simulate drug use or sex acts. I remember when my niece (now 31 years) was about 5 and she liked to watch videos on MTV but my sister had no clue what some of those videos (like the ones made by all the metal bands) were really like. You may be able to keep her from watching videos, but popular music - the school bus drivers play regular radio stations in their buses and the kids hear all that music. You really need to decide what you think is appropriate. The fact that your daughter is aware that the songs contain bad language and knows that you may not approve is a sign that she knows right from wrong



answers from New York on

Are you asking if you should allow her to watch/listen to these songs? If so, thats ultimately your decision. If you do allow her to listen be prepared for her to be memorizing the lyrics and singing along (which might not be a good thing depending on the lyrics). I would say allow maybe depending on her age and if anything, dont allow her to watch videos.


answers from Washington DC on

Your decision. I let my kids watch more than some, and less than some. So I think we are mid-stream in my fmaily. Just because it is rated PG13 or R does not mean it is automatically off limits, but I will watch it first. My husband is a DJ so my kids hear everything and know better than to repeat. They love upbeat, current music like my husband and I as well. Totally up to you and your judgement.

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