Son with Severe Food Allergies Needs to Attend Preschool ....

Updated on August 04, 2008
M.H. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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My 3-1/2 son, who is allergic to Soy, Wheat, Dairy, Eggs - is ready to attend Preschool. I have a list of about 12 that are in my area (Woodbury) and am about to call around to see who can accommodate my allergic child. He cannot play with playdough, read newspapers (soy), or eat any foods that contain his allergens. HELP!!!

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So What Happened?

I have discovered Paidea Child Development Center in Oakdale), where both boys will start September 2. This was an involved process and I have to trust I made the right selection! Thanks for your help and support, Wonderful Moms!

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My son is in the Roseville school district, and is signed of for an ECFE preschool for fall. He has a peanut allergy (not as severe as your sons). But, the school district is very careful and very aware when it comes to allergies, since they are so common these days. I suspect that as you call around, you will find that the schools are able to help you out.

For example, they use home made play dough in the classroom at ECFE (not sure if it is wheat free though...). Snacks come from pre-approved lists for the class (allergies accounted for).

You will have to start him in school in a few years, this is a good time to get an allergy plan together with your pediatrician (or allergist) and start working with others to help him understand his allergies.

Good luck.


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The Woodbury MN Waldorf School has a preschool and they are super tolerant of allergies. Also, this is more common than you think M., as parents become more aware that their children's illnesses are allergy-related. All daycares are finding themselves with a few allergy-ridden children. Relax ~ he will be fine.



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I am in the Hudson area, so am not sure of what Woodbury has to offer w/preschools. But Annette's info looks great! In addition to what she said, I would agree that allergies in kids are much more common than people think.
Good job to be on top of it for your son! Luckily, there are lots of excellent food stores out there for those of us w/kids that have allergies. I also know of an excellent nutritionist here in Hudson, in case that interests you as well.

Good luck!



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This might be a long drive for you, but the preschool director at Easter Lutheran Church in Eagan is very good at handling a wide range of food allergies and has experience with children with a long list of life-threatening allergies. Her name is Alicia Borman. Good luck.



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Hi M.- Mine attended Little Angels Preschool in Woodbury. I guess it is technically Oakdale. It is on Radio Drive over by the Best Buy connected to Guardian Angels church. Call and see if they have openings; they tend to fill up. Sue the director is wonderful. The teachers are awesome with food allergies and I was too concerned, but they did great throughout the entire program for us. They do not even allow parents to bring in treats for birthdays because some kids can not have it. They have an "ALL school" birthday instead with toy treats instead of foods in January. If you want, PM me through here with any questions, I'll check back.

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