Son with a Stomach Bug

Updated on April 17, 2007
S.R. asks from Port Crane, NY
6 answers

Hi everyone...My son is dealing with a stomach bug and has been since Wednesday. I had it, along with my daughter a few weeks ago, and it lasted longer then the usual 24 hours.
It started out, for him, with stomach cramps and diarreah on and off. He asked to have a glass of milk last night, which I knew probably wasn't the best idea and he kept it down maybe a half and hour.Then this morning he was drinking Ginger Ale and a popscicle and threw that up. He does not have a fever. He has not had anything solid to eat since Wednesday, which I know isn't as important as drinking. I gave him kids Peto Bismol for his stomach ache and that isn't helping..should I try to give him Gatorade or Pedialtye adn see if he'll keep that down? Thank You

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answers from Hartford on

Hi S.,

Our 2-year old son, Thomas, is just getting over a horrible stomach bug - probably the same one as your son has. We had the worst time getting him to drink anything. We called the doctor over the weekend and were told we SHOULD NOT give him Gatorade. The doc recommended the pedialyte, (Thomas wouldn't drink it and he wouldn't eat the pedialyte frozen pops), or white grape juice, diluted with around 50% water. He also advised against giving apple juice, although he said it would be okay to give him 'a little' milk.

In the end the only thing Thomas would drink was water - if it helps, we got him to start drinking it by singing that awful Wiggles song, (Gulp-gulp, drink some water...).

Thomas only threw up a couple of times, but he had the diarrhea for 5-days.

I do hope your little one feels better soon. It's just miserable when they are so sick.




answers from Albany on

Hi S.-

I had a house full just a few weeks ago with this but.....It sucks....The Dr, said yes to Pedilite and said Chicken Soup, Bananas and rice, he said no milk products for 24 worked....hope this helps....



answers from Scranton on

I just went through this with all my boys. They all had different symptoms, but nevertheless NASTY! He probably has the Rota Virus...which last a few days, they will have a day of feeling really good and then it seems to rear its ugly head again. Definately do the Pedilyte and the BRAT diet (Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast). I gave my son alphabet soup and I swear I could have spelled the "puke" with the noodles as I am cleaning up his bed know! It was terrible. Hang in there and keep the liquids flowing. It is hard at that age to get them to drink, they do make Pedilyte does make popsicles and I have found them to work well. I just had my six year old at the doctors today because he hasn't seemed to kick the sickness, the vomiting and coughing has stopped...but he is really fatigued. He is on a heavy antibotic to reduce his swollen glands...I am not saying this is ideal for the stomach bug, but something to keep an eye out for. Good luck to you...up your Vitamin C and stay healthy yourself!

P.S. I too was going to try Pepto, but my pharamcist told me to save my money.



answers from Buffalo on

Hi S.~ My son had something similar to that. The pediatrician told us no milk or juice. so we used flat sierra mist or flat ginger ale. My kids hate the pedialite, so i bought the clear and made kool aide with it. the only problem with the kool aid is if they are still vomitting, it can be messy coming back up. Also, they told me after a vomitting episode, the stomach needed to rest a bit before intaking more. I would just push sips throughout the day and keep making sure the inside of his mouth is moist. If you feel you need to call the doctor again, then I would. I tell myself anytime I think I need to call the doctor then I do. Even if there isn't anything they can do i feel i just keep them abreast of what is going on. Milk and juice do sour in an upset stomach. I hope he feels better soon and I hope no one else gets it.



answers from Buffalo on

my daughter also has the flu bug and my pedi said no dairy for atleast a week try the pedilyte good luck my daughtre is 9 months old and this is her first bought with the flu bug



answers from Houston on

My son had a bad one too...and it turned out to be Rotavirus...commen among kids...if your little one can't get rif of it I would suggest taking him back to the doc. My ped took a stool sample and we learned that my little guy had Rotavirus...commen among small school age children or kids attending is VERY because they can become dehydrated very quickly. Good Luck

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